The Airbnb business began as a small idea, where the founder’s Brain Chesky and Joe Gebbia modified their living room into Air Bed And Breakfast for three guests who couldn’t afford to rent a hotel room in San Francisco city. This design idea was made temporarily for the people who could not book a local stay due to demand. 

After long days, they fetched this idea as a business model with lots of comforts and introduced a new world to the hotel booking industry. Now the era is revised by many evolutions in technology and caused Airbnb to become a massive giant in the rental marketplace.

Airbnb reports that it has 150million plus total users with a revenue of $5.9 billion by 2021, it’s an increase of about 73% per year. Having bookings of about 300 million, there is a substantial increase of 55% from last year. And also hold 6-10 renters per second on their site.

If you are looking for a startup plan, it’s wise to pick a business like Airbnb which is going on demand in the rental industry.

Let’s look at the top success tricks of Airbnb Clone Apps.

Crystallize Totally On Data Science

Did you ever think about the Why question of Airbnb-Success?

Yes I’d, and explore research on its biggest success, some of the key strategies in a consistently progressive manner will lead them to great victory.

It’s all by the pillar which is called Data science.

The data scientists of Airbnb are not craving their needs in poring over spreadsheets.  Instead, they worked for procuring their user’s data for the results of high user engagement with the app and site. They incorporate their plan with different teams of engineers and designers. 

Riley Newman, a former head of data scientist at Airbnb, examines his company’s views on the User’s information as 

“Data Is The Voice Of The Customer, Data Science Is The Interpretation Of That Voice” 

So, let your rental app have an efficient process in the Data science approach. 

Enhance Guest Search Using Data

For Airbnb-like sites, search is the heart part to keep their customers engaged. Because at every action, a search and its result will only amaze and delight the users. But it was not always the cakewalk during the picnic. 

The reason is running a site or app like Airbnb involves a huge set of users, and the searching approach may differ for everyone, so it’s hard to personalize things for every user.  Let’s hold a rich dataset for providing a detailed quick search to the users. So, work to provide high-quality listings to the users while in the searching and filtering part.

And monitoring a site or app deeply would give you more benefits. Airbnb also did the same to develop their business. They scrutinize their app keenly and noticed that the users from the Asian countries have a high bounce rate on the home page but not as much resulted in the bookings, it’s because they started exploring the neighborhood countries’ images and stay rates, etc, and drop their search with that. 

Airbnb has fixed this problem by rejuvenating the version to those countries by covering the community search with top traveling destinations. 

So, let you take these scenarios from Airbnb and make your renting app carry mature options to admire the users.

Find Your Host Preferences Using Data

Host preference is one of the significant things in your app to skip some critical circumstances. Because some hosts need to have guests only with their presence and some hosts want to give their stay after they’re moved.

So, give an option to make this case easily, in the steps of

  1. Accommodation Requests
  2. Host Preferences
  3. Preference Coefficients

Let you complete the app with the fully-fledged machine learning algorithm that would process to fit both the guest’s search and the host preferences with the essential personalization too. 

This process would work for perfect matching and provide the users with accurate results.

Additionally, it’s important to grab guests’ requests and timely responses from hosts to build a successful booking.

Separated Testing To Squeeze The Method

Updating the product or app according to the trend is the most tedious one which should do with more efficiency. Many forefront companies are using to do split tests in their process to achieve more gaining. So, make your app also a conceived one by progressing tests at every stage of development.

Airbnb, update all the things which would suffer users and they think only from the perspectives of users’ comfort.

For a sample, priorly Airbnb set to process for the registered users to book a stay. It challenges to make actions for the particular users and it needs to check whether they are signup or not.  They let the user browse entirely and allow them to book a stay with the final option to get the details of renters. 

So, do a split test consistently to maximize your user’s convenience, even a color change of a button may aggregate the user’s retina. 

Create A Dynamic User Experience

Producing the best user experience in the entire trip to the user is the real fundamental conjunction of data science. It’s not alone in the search, results, and in booking. It completely depends on the hospitality of hosts that the user’s enjoyed during their stay. We can say it is the incredible value of the trip which means the quality.

For an instance, take the Airbnb app they measure their business and their customer experience via the Net promoter Score(NPS) and the customer loyalty metrics.

Beyond, the NPS can be measured via the Word of Mouth which is the most highly demanded one that every brand wants to make. Ask the users how likely you would recommend our brand to other users in the need of renting. If you achieved a top rating above 4, definitely you would reach success in the Airbnb-like rental platform.

To accumulate those ratings let your rental business concentrate on the other parameters too:

  • Check the overall review and the ratings of the hosts in providing customers hospitality.
  • Provide highly resolute images of hosts staying places to meet the customer’s expectations while in the progress of booking.
  • Focus to work on the quirky design elements
  • Stay type ( private room or shared room) and the amenities
  • Check out the trip length, checkout date, their needs, and satisfaction while on the trip.
  • And other listings possessed by the hosts.

Look Forward To Proceeding

I hope this blog would wonder you with the points of data science that are driving the user experience of the rental industry.  Using the above formula will surprisingly result in you big in streaming the revenue.

But you may afraid of embracing data science it’s not like drilling deeper, it’s all that would answer you when your business facing challenges in using the app or site. It may come from the physical trip measure or from the app’s convenience to the users. 

So, initially do focus on creating the software with an efficient machine learning algorithm without any bugs in the user interface. If you are looking to create an Aibnb-like app just pick any soundest Clone app development company to fulfill your needs in a short period of time. 

Then function to the next mode of integrating the platform with well-mannered hosts to enlarge your rental service quietly in the market.

Let you run the Airbnb-like app with the fuel of conquered data science.


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