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As soon as summer arrives, the DNA of wanting to bleach your hair begins to move… The idea of ​​​​dying hair in 2022 has long changed from “whitening” to creating an atmosphere of beauty.

Angelababy is sharking me again! Wearing light golden long curly hair, with a dreamy pure white princess dress, the makeup is bright and a little broken, at a glance, the graceful figure and the agile temperament are like falling into the mortal world by accident. Elf.

On Baby’s birthday last time, The Wizard of Oz’s elf shape has already amazed everyone. The delicate facial features, light golden hairstyle, and slender figure create a dreamlike atmosphere. You can always trust Baby’s face.

It can be found that the temperament of baby’s dark hair color and light hair color is completely different. Dark hair is more elegant and ladylike, while light hair color highlights her mixed-race feeling, and the two-dimensional painting style is full. , more like the face value that came out of the comics. Baby has indeed challenged various comic hair colors, and the degree of adaptation is very high.

It’s summer, it’s very suitable to use light hair color to cool the summer. Are you also very excited after seeing the baby’s hair color? In the past, hairstyle trends always brought fire to one hairstyle or hair color, but now to break the homogenized aesthetics, we tend to find our own advantages to enlarge, and dyeing and bleaching is no longer just for whitening or stardom. For the same style, you have to see if the bottom is suitable for your temperament. Light hair color is indeed very attractive to Asian faces.

Hair volume

Black hair or dark hair color shrinks the head and face visually, while light hair color produces visual expansion to a certain extent, it looks like more hair volume, and it can also relieve the troubles of low-crowned star people, and they will have more heads and faces Effect.

Increase summer the sense of five senses

If you belong to a girl with a flat face and lack of three-dimensional facial features, dark hair color is more likely to suppress the sense of volume of the five senses, but after changing to light-colored hair, the sense of volume of the five senses will be released immediately. It will give people a bright feeling.

More friendly to fair skin

Dark hair color is not very friendly to skin that is not fair enough, especially wheat color, and it is easy to be rustic, but light hair color, especially some bleached hair, will produce a contrasting temperament on wheat color and yellow skin, which can Get rid of the oppression of skin color and match it with full makeup, you are a different firework, fashionable and foreign. Save with debenhams discount code 

After bleaching light hair, it is more like a release of personality. It can make you no longer limited to whether you have white skin and whether your facial features are delicate enough. It can amplify your facial features and make you more present. Let you dare to express and challenge some fashions that are not popular with the public! However, bleaching light hair is not to open lazy mode, what can you do to make your light hair more stunning?

Don’t be lazy with makeup summer

Many light colors are very suitable for bleaching and light hair, and at the same time, it is more outstanding to match the makeup with full color.

Rose belongs to the light-faced style with less prominent facial features. Light hair largely takes away the focus of the face, weakens the presence of the face, and enhances the three-dimensional sense of the facial features. The whole person has a very beautiful atmosphere.

There is no light hair color that HyunA can’t hold. The important point here is that her eyebrow color will definitely match her hair color, light gold with flax eyebrow makeup, Barbie pink hair color with pink eyebrow makeup, eye makeup To be thicker, with well-defined eyelashes and some careful eye makeup embellishments, can make you more eye-catching.

For some pink, purple, orange and other colored hair bleaching, the color of the makeup can echo the hair color. For example, choose red brick makeup for red hair color, and choose more matching orange makeup for yellow color. , which can make the overall color more harmonious and bright.

Coordinate with style summer

Bleaching hair does not focus on the facial features, but instead highlights the temperament, and the personality style is easier to magnify. Therefore, in terms of expression management and dressing, achieving a fit will further strengthen the advantages of bleached hair.

Lisa’s light gray hair is worthy of being a Barbie in the world. This look is definitely her peak value. Compared with dark hair color, she is more suitable for light hair, also because light hair color highlights her mixed-race feeling, and her complexion Relatively dark, light hair color can be weakened, coupled with makeup modification, this smile is really a big move to love.

HyunA’s ghost horses and jumping off, all kinds of colored and light hair are her life, and with avant-garde fashion outfits, smart and playful expressions, it is really hard not to make people excited.

Compared with the dark-haired Gao Leng and the light-haired Li Jingjing, there will be more cute and funny appearances, giving people a more playful and agile feeling.

Ouyang Nana’s orange blond color was completely changed by a different person. Just looking at her face, it can be said that she is full of Barbie, and her entire facial features are also excellent, but Nabi’s overall temperament is still relatively sweet. The daughter-in-law makeup and dark hair color reveal her temperament more thoroughly, which is the joy of having a young girl in my family growing up. Therefore, whether it is suitable for bleaching and light hair, it does not look at the appearance and looks at the temperament! Don’t miss look fantastic discount code

Start with low-difficulty hair color summer

There are so many colors of bleached hair, which color is more suitable for first-time bleachers, and which colors are the least likely to roll over?

When you are not sure what light hair color is suitable for you, the color that is the least likely to roll over is generally light gray, milk tea gray, and flax gold. This color is more attractive and versatile, and at the same time, it will last longer.

Of course, the biggest problem with bleaching is that it damages the hair quality. Rose, who frequently changes hair color, means that her hair quality is getting worse and worse. Now she needs a lot of conditioner and essential oils to restore it. For sisters with poor quality, it is still not recommended to dye the whole head. You can choose to buy some wigs or wigs to try some different styles!

Finally, regarding bleaching, it is recommended to bleach your hair to about 6 degrees. If it exceeds 6 degrees, although it is easier to color, it is also faster than fading. If it is between 5-6 degrees, dyeing your hair after bleaching will not make your hair so bad, and the color fading will be relatively slow, and the color of the hair after fading will not be particularly dry and yellow, so you can use a color-fixing conditioner later. It can also change into a variety of beautiful colors.


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