Marketing is a process of wandering, creating and conveying value to reach the needs of a market intended market in terms of goods. It is one of the key elements of business administration and commerce. Marketers can manage their product to other businesses or straight to consumers. With the advancement in technology, marketing is also shifted to online using internet based technologies such as desktop computers, mobile phones and other digital media to promote their services/products. As digital platforms become increasingly integrated to marketing plans and daily life, and as people are booming towards computerized devices, digital marketing operations have become more widespread, employing the union of Search Engine Optimization(SEO), Search Engine Marketing(SEM), content marketing, influencer marketing and other marketing techniques. 


Main focus and advantages of digital marketing: 

  • Targets the right audience
  • Optimize and obtain better conversion rates
  • Accurately measure all results
  • Available at global reach
  • Improved conversion rates
  • Survive the competition


Digitally Upskill Marketers Need

As brands shriek to attract, upgrade, and transform successfully online; the necessity for digital talent over industries is fierce. 


When you want to upgrade and advance your career, it’s really important to match your understanding and knowledge with the skills employers are searching for. 

For example, LinkedIn’s inspection of its job postings found that high demand marketing are digital marketing and social media marketing skills. 


Rise on The Digital Gig Economy 

Over the years, many employees have determined to chase a more flexible ‘gig’ lifestyle for their businesslike lives. The emergence of online services and apps have provided new ways of working rather than a traditional job. Even before the pandemic, the number of job workers was rising. 


This gig economy opens the door for marketers with in-demand skills. Every second creative or digital marketing expertise is opting the digital route which enables flexibility and decides their own working hours. Plus, many digital working people make more money than they did in traditional.


The Competition for Digital Marketing Talent is Fierce 

With growing demand for digital professionals and the ‘gig economy’ growth, it’s no wonder that firms all over the world are striving to find and keep talent. 


Stack believes the answer to fascinating and retaining talent is to look at your Employer Value Proposition (EVP). Nowadays,  Companies need to modify and figure out what employees value.


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