Online courses provide an opportunity for an individual to learn a new set of skills by sitting from any corner in the world. These will enable them to perform the tasks more efficiently in the relevant field and also adds to the academic and professional report of the person. Online courses also provide an option to the students to learn the course at their own pace, follow the lecture as per convenience and also offers re visiting the study resources before taking an exam. This gives a great flexibility to the students and job seekers who else may find it difficulty in travelling to the course location and attend the course lectures physically.

Hence online course platforms save the time and money of the students in completing the required qualifications. Also, open study platforms do not require the students to possess prerequisite qualifications. Free courses on online platforms opens an excellent opportunity for job seekers and students to communicate with peers of the field through several discussion forums. This gives an experience similar to the classroom to the students and they can learn several informative updates from the peers which will enable them to develop critical thinking skills.

How to select?

There are many online courses providers who will provide access to course either through paid membership or provide free access to the courses. But finding a place where access to various courses across different fields, are provided is an important task. Also, such courses should also have quality in material and course handout to gain updated and appropriate knowledge in the field. Before opting any online courses, one should have:

  • Complete idea regarding the company
  • Aware of previous reviews and ratings given by the students
  • Complete fee structure of the respective course
  • Duration of the course
  • Reliable timing of the classes
  • Faculty who are teaching the course
  • Materials they are providing
  • Periodic mock tests etc.

It is also essential that the course provides career centric education and various study options which will lead the individual to the heights in the chosen career path. For many students it is difficult to find a reliable online course platform which will offer courses free of cost for its members. As many platforms are restricted to certain courses with limited study material, finding a reliable and resourceful online platform is the key for the students in achieving the desired goals in the career.


The search for the reliable platform which provides access to wide range of online courses for free, stops at It is such online platform which provides career centric education to students and job seekers. At several courses are offered online in various fields ranging from IT & Computing, Marketing, Personal Development, Project Management, Graphics & illusion, languages etc. provides a database of selected careers which gives the students and opportunity to explore required career pathways. It also provides an online planner which is required and guides the students and jobseekers from start to finish, during the duration of the course.

Also, one can personalize the study plan by exploring range of courses available at which enables the students to compare the outcomes and choose required course in the desired field.


With the onset of Pandemic, the importance of online courses has reached to remote parts of the world as the people can avail knowledge and skills by sitting at their homes. Further employers also value their staff who have the skills and updated knowledge in performing the operations of their business. Hence it is important not to miss any necessary qualifications and accreditations to excel in the desired field. Online courses provide a golden opportunity for the people to not miss out on such qualifications.



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