legal translation in Dubai
legal translation in Dubai

Dubai is home to people from all over the world. People must have their documents translated into Arabic because Arabic is the official language of Dubai. Therefore, driving license translation in Dubai is necessary to drive vehicle. In Dubai, there are several translation and interpreting services.

Bukhari Translation provides Legal Translation for all personal and professional papers around Dubai. Its translation and interpreting services are well-known. It provides legal and official translation services in Dubai in a variety of languages, including English, Dutch, German, Canadian, English, French, and Arabic.

If you’re searching for clever translation company for driving license translation in Dubai, you have Bukhari Translation. You should always go with the one that offers both translation and interpretation services in one package to save time and money.

Bukhari Translation fulfill your need for a driving license translation in Dubai  

In today’s environment, being able to drive has become a crucial ability. Furthermore, some people make a career from it. If you already have license and need legal driving license translation in Dubai, all you need to do now is formally translate it into Arabic.

We provide top-notch dynamic translation services in Dubai, and we can translate driving licenses into Arabic from more than 50 languages, as required by UAE law.

Who is eligible to get their driver’s license translated?

People who live in the UAE and hold a valid driving license from their home country will not have to repeat the process of taking driving exams. All they have to do is translate their driver’s license from their original language to Arabic, the UAE’s official language.

A list of countries whose driving licenses are accepted in Dubai and only require driving license translation in Dubai into Arabic can be found here:


  • Australia


  • America


  • England


  • Japan


  • France


  • Italy


  • Switzerland


  • Netherlands


  • Belgium


  • Norway


  • Ireland


  • Canada


  • Turkey


  • Denmark


  • South Africa is a country in Africa.


  • South Korea (South Korea)


  • Sweden


  • Spain


  • Australia


If the resident does not have a valid driving license from their home country and wishes to obtain one, he or she must take written and practical examinations as well as enroll in driving lessons. After you’ve finished the classes, you’ll be given a test before receiving your UAE driver’s license.

Residents of the United Arab Emirates may get smart translation Dubai services 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Bukhari Translation in Dubai is always open and ready to assist you in obtaining a license in the United Arab Emirates.

A legal driving license translation in Dubai is required before it may be swapped or exchanged for an official UAE driver’s license. For quite some time, we have provided legal and technical translations of such legal and governmental documents.

The procedure for legally translating your driver’s license is as follows:


Let’s talk about how to convert your legal driver’s license to an Arabic-language driving license in the UAE. It’s a really simple procedure. Simply email a scanned copy of your driver’s license to Bukhari Translation, to have your name accurately spelled in Arabic for dynamic legal translation in Dubai.

After the translation is complete, you must visit our nearest licensing and traffic authority, as well as an Emirates visa granting office. There, you will submit a few extra papers for the record and request that your driver’s license exchanged for a UAE driver’s license.

Further information may be found on their internet portal so that you are prepared for the following stages and know what will be necessary.


The Advantages of Having a Driver’s License


Driving in Dubai is a dream come true. If you have a valid UAE driving license, you may race on motorways and see the stunning landscape of the Emirates without having to wait in line for shuttle buses or rental vehicles.

If you are not a native Emirati, the first step is to get your driving license translated into Dubai, the UAE’s official and legal language. Many translation facilities in Dubai are available to residents who want their services.

Everyone in the community should be able to drive since driving has become a vital skill. If you are over 21 years old and live in the UAE, you may rent a car and drive across the seven Emirates. You have the option of exploring and travelling around the UAE, or you may start earning money by renting your car and driving talents.

In any case, obtaining an authentic UAE driver’s license will benefit you in the long term. Bukhari Translation in Dubai makes it simple to get your UAE driver’s license.

Why should you work with Bukhari Translation?

Bukhari Translation stands out because they provide a wide range of legal and technical translations. We are professionals in legal, official, and personal papers in Dubai, and we can help them settle in Emirates a bit simpler.

Having vital papers translated into Arabic simplifies your life. It makes travelling between the seven emirates simple and hassle-free.

The Bukhari Translation has a staff of skilled and qualified translators with many years of expertise in the field. A translator must be fluent in Arabic as well as other languages.

Because the legal context and terminology of some languages, such as Dutch, Swiss, French, German, and others, are different. A translator having experience is require to properly translate them into Arabic.

In this sense, software and tools can be useful, but only to a limited extent. Human talent, on the other hand, consistently outperforms machine intelligence in terms of emotional and technical experience and competence.

You can avoid the formalities of driving lessons and exams. If you obtain your driver’s license translated by an established translation business. After translation from a foreign language. The only valid driving licenses from the above countries have permission for driving license translation in Dubai.

So, when you visit Dubai from any country of the world. No doubt, you will want to drive the luxurious vehicles, which are the beauty of Dubai. Therefore, you need to translate your driving license in Arabic, as it is the National language of UAE. Just visit us right now!


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