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We like the simple styles and appreciate natural makeup, too. However, when the mood is perfect it’s only right to show off your best features (because there is no reason not to?). From glitter eyeshadows to red eyeliner Everyone has been swooning over these trends in eyeliner. Just when you thought that you’ve achieved the perfect wing eyeliner, the double-winged eyeliner popped up on the radar of beauty. The eyeliner trend is more EXTRA however, it’s all most beautiful ways. The most appealing aspect? It can be worn in an infinite number of ways.

Do you want to give this look a go? Here are some easy double-winged eyeliner designs you can apply and master the look.

Before you become an expert there are some fundamentals you should master. The following are three steps to prepare the eyes to apply double-winged liner.

Step 1: Get The Eyes

For any type of makeup, preparing is crucial. It’s not a good idea to invest the time to create a style only to have it be smudged in a matter of moments (been there and been there,). It’s all in the process. Apply a coat of primer on your eyeslids prior to applying eyeliner. If you feel that your eyes are a bit shaky in the eyeshadow, apply some strokes of concealer that are the shade of a lighter or less luminous than the skin tones for an easily blended look.

Step 2: Design Your First Wing

With your lids perfectly prepared and lids, you’re ready to begin with your first flight. It’s the standard wings, nothing fancy (maybe only a little). You can swoop the line to hug an upper line of lash. slide it just a bit over the outside corner of your eyes.

Step 3: Design Your Second Wing

In truth, this is the place where the fun begins. There’s only one rule for making a great double-winged eyeliner, and that’s that there aren’t any rules. However, there are some guidelines to assist you in breaking the rules more easily. The method to create a double-winged eyeliner is to draw an additional line above the first one. Structures, colours, shapes, no bar.

Are you looking for a new dose of inspiration? Here’s how you can achieve this look in six different ways.

1. Minimalist Muse

We believe you can pull off an eyeliner with double wings, however, if you’re not certain, you can go for this simple and minimalist eyeliner style. Make a single cat eye across your upper lash line as well as another line that arches across the cut line.

2. Positive For Negative

Less is definitely the new trend. Popular with the beautiful ladies of the 60s The negative space liner has swiftly been able to make its mark in the 2022’s most popular eyeliner styles. It’s minimal with a lot of features, but there’s so much more. It’s clear why the eyeliner in negative space trend is taking off from runways through red carpets.

Apply an eyeshadow color of your choice . Then, create an angular cut across the crease of your face.

3. Doing the Things You Need To Do

It’s time to focus on the finer details of your eyeliner that is winged. Make sure you add defining details to those wings with some more strokes along the lower lash line as well. This will enhance the details of your eyeliner’s dramatic style.

4. There is only more to be had.

We’re all for simple makeup, but at times you need to know that more is more. This double-winged liner is the perfect mix of highlights in gold, green shadow, double-winged eyeliner as well as generous strokes of mascara, too. It might appear cluttered however, it all works together to create a flawless look. Make this look your own or create it using your own palette.


5. Stellar Colour

Bring more vigor to your outfit by switching the bold but basic black for a colored alternative. Try using the Eye Lit You So! Vibrant Eyeliners, which are with a stunning colour selection to experiment with the double-winged liner that adds an added splash of color. If it’s not the perfect gram-worthy style you’re looking for We aren’t sure what is.

6. Team Twinning Tones

With double-winged eyeliner, it just keeps improving. Are you aware of the days when our left eyeliner doesn’t look like our right? Then we’ve turned it into a fashion. To get this look, start by applying two different shades of eyeliner for one eye. On another, just switch the shades for a chic style.


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