Digital buyers are always on the increase, as more and more companies resort to online platforms to be more visible and reach more clients. The convenience that comes with e-commerce business, as well as the availability of things not commonly offered at physical shops, have placed online retail sales at greater rates compared to a decade ago.

In the UAE alone, the e-commerce industry size is estimated to reach USD 17 billion by 2025. Many reasons contribute to the expansion of the e-commerce sector in the area, including greater investments, growing social media use, and innovation.

Online platforms like noon are at the forefront of the e-commerce business. This large marketplace provides loads of options for companies, whether big or little. So, how can you start selling on noon? We’ve listed the procedures to assist you get your company formation in dubai mainland and operating online:

1. Sign up as a partner e-commerce Platform

Getting started on noon is simple. Simply join up and click on “Create a Store”. Follow the steps and fill out the needed information to continue. This will send you to the following stages, which involve submitting the papers for your online shop.

2. Provide your e-commerce license

One of the papers you need to get is a legitimate trade licence or a business registration – particularly, an e-commerce licence. An e-commerce licence implies that your organisation may properly sell and conduct out commercial operations on online channels, such as websites and social media sites.

Whilst applying for an e-commerce licence in the UAE is uncomplicated, you need to verify your application doesn’t include any faults. Once you obtain your e-commerce licence, you may submit this to noon’s seller portal, along with the other relevant paperwork.

3. Prepare and submit your documentation

Selling on noon involves obtaining the correct documentation. When establishing up your seller shop, you need to submit the following documents: passport or residency identity, residence visa (if you’re a foreign company owner), and VAT certificate. If you’ll be selling Health and Beauty items, you need to produce a proof of purchase, distribution authorisation letter, or a manufacturer permission or certificate.

Merchants that are not VAT-registered should file a declaration of VAT non-enrolment. Be sure you fill out the right form. The papers should also be attached with a seal and signed by the approved owner or signatory of the firm.

4. Provide your bank information

A valid bank account is essential. All money from your e-commerce sales will be deposited to your bank account weekly. To ensure the procedure runs well, please verify that the bank account data you have supplied contain the same information in your business registration.

Your bank account data should contain your business’s legal name, bank account number, IBAN and SWIFT codes, bank branch and store currencies. Note that specifying your shop currency is vital, since you cannot alter this in the future.

5. Read up on seller fees

midday gets a sales commission of 4 percent to 27 percent on things sold on the site. The quantity relies on the sort of goods you’ll be selling. You also need to take care of the shipping and handling expenses involved. These are generally computed as a proportion of the overall sales. Amazon also charges storage costs ranging from AED 0.2 to AED 5, which will vary depend on the item.

6. Choose a selling model e-commerce business

Once you’re registered as a vendor, you may pick from noon’s selling models. These are: Fulfilled by noon (sometimes called noon express), cross-dock and direct ship. Fulfilled by noon (FBN) is the most popular choice, since it takes away the burden of selling online. Under this selling strategy, noon’s team will be managing the warehouse operations, packaging and shipping.

With a cross-dock selling approach, you as the seller will be processing the client orders before passing the items to noon’s crew for packaging and fulfilment. Customers have the choice of pick-up or drop-off at a noon hub. Lastly, direct ship implies the seller will handle the orders, pick up the products and bundle them before delivering them to noon’s logistics for delivery.

7. List your goods e-commerce business

List your wares on noon’s Seller Station. You need to give the product ID and description for every item mentioned. It’s also crucial to have an image and product specification. For simpler listing of your products, you may utilise noon’s product database, which has all the elements you need to build a listing.

8. Boost your sales with e-commerce business

Now that you’ve got your items up on noon’s site, it’s time to discover how to maximise your e-commerce sales. Do a comprehensive market investigation to determine what your target clients are presently purchasing online. The more you know about them, the better.

Be careful to tailor your product names and Hiring HR Outsourcing, descriptions and photos using the relevant search phrases. This assists in enhancing your presence while people search on the marketplace.

Utilise noon’s broad features, such as the noon Price Intelligence and Price Engine. The Price Intelligence can help you determine the ideal price for your items based on previous prices on multiple online platforms. The Price Engine, on the other hand, gives you with data on real-time price changes throughout the web, so you can automatically establish your prices.

Most importantly, don’t miss the complimentary on-boarding training. noon’s Seller Lab gives you with instruction on how you may sell your items on the site. You may also plan a monthly training session, so you can better grasp the process and tools offered.

Start your e-commerce business journey

There’s no better time than now to enjoy the rewards of beginning your own e-commerce enterprise. If you need assistance in starting up your e-commerce business in the UAE, we’re here to help. Get in contact with our team and we’d be pleased to help you along your e-commerce adventure.


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