Have you noticed that the application and use of the terms like OEM and ODM have increased over the last few years? What does it mean? OEM is the abbreviation of original equipment manufacturer, and ODM refers to original design manufacturer. Many get confused between the terms, but there is nothing complex in understanding the services. Both are services brought by manufacturing resources. OEM deals with the production of contracted design, and ODM deals with the production of existing design.

A review to help you understand

The Eelink Review will assist you in finding out the services, so you can choose a reliable service provider for your requirements. A detailed discussion with the client and the professionals of Eelink helps in streamlining the further steps. The R&D resources and engineering team makes it possible for the clients to obtain the expected manufacturing output.

Experienced developers for projects

Experience and expertise go hand-in-hand for both OEM and ODM. The experienced engineers and researchers provide a blended service to bring the best outcome for the clients. Multi-step testing for product evaluation and design feasibility makes it convenient for both makers and clients. With the reputed company and the qualified team of manufacturing experts, clients get the exact output they require. The systematic functioning steps and modification ease facilitates the mass production of equipment or design.

About GPS trackers and IoT devices

GPS-based IoT devices are among the most successful productions from Eelink. Custom products with the optimal application of GPS have brought easy solutions in OEM services for several clients. GPS-activated cameras that are part of the vehicles are among the notable production units. You can find tailor-made GPS-enhanced products including – vehicle alarms, Radar detectors, tracking systems, etc. The expert team from Eelink can deliver the best solutions in OEM services with GSP-activated resources.

Highly secured and controlled.

The OEM and ODM services need optimal security and controlling aspects. The processing integrity plays a crucial role in the manufacturing aspect as it holds great value for the client. The devices produced for the clients are exclusive with optimal use of technology and data confidentiality. It assures value for money and diligent teamwork from the professionals. The world-class services live up to the expectation of the clients with highly efficient solutions with customized features.

Every solution you need

The world depends on OEM and ODM services in the current scenario! With things evolving at a pace, the use of technology has urged people to think out of the box. For example, the GSP-based OEM and ODM projects have become extensively useful in various industries where tracking is a crucial part to carry on the operations. You can find them in car rental services, logistics solutions, school buses, etc.

An apt choice for all

A company that serves with confidence and a talented team never fails to impress! The goodwill of the service develops over the years with the extensive efforts provided by the proficient designers and manufacturers. All these service features make such a manufacturing resource apt for their needs.


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