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It seems like everyone is so ready for full-fledged spring and warm weather days. There are plenty of things to love about spring, from fresh flowers to new romance to the birth of babies. It’s a time for celebration in many ways. Why not curate your jewelry collection to represent spring’s natural beauty? Think of it as a nod to the fresh perspective, new life, and everything else that comes with the season. From a drop necklace with a touch of elegance to graceful drop earrings, there’s a ton of inspiration to be found. (Psst! Mother’s Day is coming up too.)

Forever In Bloom: Drop Necklace

Choosing well-designed contemporary jewelry is an instant way to freshen your jewelry collection. Think about a drop necklace inspired by the intertwined branches of a blooming plant. It’s a perfect everyday necklace for spring—dainty with a touch of elegance. Supplement this look with another style staple: a statement blooming ring. Every silhouette stands out on its own or paired with other similar pieces. If there’s a mom in your life who would love this spring look, or if you’re a mom yourself, it would make a great gift for Mother’s Day on May 8.

Make It Personal: Initial Necklace

Consider adding a personal touch to your jewelry collection to make it even more meaningful. An initial necklace, for example, is a timeless piece of jewelry for you to wear or give to a loved one. The personalized jewelry trend isn’t going anywhere. Even with the timelessness of personalized pieces, styles are constantly evolving. A paperclip chain and chic toggle is a cool style that’s sure to become your new favorite. Layer your initial pendant necklace with your other favorite necklaces for a truly signature look.

Flexible Styling Options: Toggle Necklace

What’s fun about a toggle necklace is that the clasp can be worn in front. Beyond being functional, the toggle clasp is a focal point and part of the necklace design. With a versatile toggle necklace, you can wear it long and layer other necklaces with it. Or you can double it up for a chunkier layered look. The last option would be to wear it as a lariat style with the chain pulled through the toggle. A fashion-forward toggle necklace can transform any outfit and give you the versatility you want in your jewelry. Options are always good.

Spring Must-Have: The Layering Necklace

Layering necklaces continue to be on trend this spring. Experiment with different chain shapes and lengths to come up with interesting ways to wear this look. You might want to pair a layering necklace with your versatile toggle necklace. You can also add a dainty chain with a pendant into the mix to create a focal point. A pop of color in one of your necklaces, such as a gemstone, can also add a visual element you might like. The point is to create effortless, simple looks that make sense to you.

Stack Satisfaction: Bracelets with Different Textures

Do you love the look of stacked jewelry? The fine art of layering your jewelry is a unique way to make a statement, express yourself, and proudly wear your most treasured pieces. Many people have this look dialed in with their necklaces. But what about focusing on your arm candy? Cuff bracelets and link bracelets work well together on your wrist. Get playful with your wrist stacks. Metal pattern cuff bracelets with a link chain bracelet are a perfect look for everyday wear. Let your imagination and great taste in jewelry guide your wrist stacks.

Mix Up Your Metals: Rose Gold Earrings

If the season of flowers (like roses) has you thinking about spring blooms, you can take it in a different direction with rose gold jewelry. It’s a classic metal color that may not instantly spring to mind unless you’re already obsessed with it. If you don’t have rose gold in your collection yet, go for it. Keep it contemporary with a pair of rose gold-plated small hoop earrings. Or pick out statement earrings that look fresh and flirty for spring. Don’t be afraid to mix and match your metals, either. You don’t necessarily need a uniform metal color throughout your look.

Catch Spring Fever: Gemstone Jewelry in Fresh Colors

What colors most remind you of spring? Maybe it’s a light pink or blue hue or an iridescent pearl color. Pick whatever colors bring out your springy side and put a smile on your face. Gemstone jewelry adds a pop of color to your spring outfits. From rings and earrings to necklaces and bracelets, gemstones are striking and beautiful. If you’re looking for a gift, show someone they’re a total gem with thoughtfully designed jewelry. Check out teardrop-shaped stud earrings in the gemstone of your choice, or look at a gold-plated cuff bracelet with stunning blue chalcedony.

Faith-Inspired Style: Signature Cross Designs

If celebrating your faith is an important part of your life, signature cross jewelry is a beautiful way to express yourself. Some jewelry designers are inspired by their faith and family—and some of their jewelry designs are a reflection of that. Look for pieces that speak to you and highlight an aesthetic that blends purpose and meaning with affordable luxury. Filigree designs are special because they are beautiful and intricate. They also feature obvious as well as hidden shapes and patterns. Fillagree is a style that has elevated jewelry designs for centuries.

As they say, love blooms in spring. Your jewelry is a reflection of that love. This spring, play up your jewelry, upgrade your collection, and find new pieces that speak to your heart. Celebrate yourself, your mom on Mother’s Day, or a niece at graduation. Or, if you simply want to usher in a new season of growth and transformation, inspiring, stunning jewelry is another way to celebrate.

About Natalie Wood Designs

Natalie Wood Designs takes an affordable luxury approach to jewelry. Each style is hand-designed by Natalie and infused with love. Owning beautiful jewelry is one thing, but wearing jewelry with a purpose is a different story entirely. Natalie Wood Designs highlights an aesthetic that blends purpose and meaning with luxury design. Known for her signature fillagree metal designs, Natalie Wood Designs offers a variety of necklaces, earrings, bracelets, rings, and handbags. From the dainty and stylish Bloom Drop Necklace to your go-to hoop earrings and statement bracelets, find exactly the right touch to add to your jewelry collection. Each piece is crafted with hypoallergenic brass (lead and nickel free) and heavily plated in either 14K gold, rhodium, or rose gold.

Give yourself a spring jewelry refresh with high-quality pieces from Natalie Wood Designs at https://www.nataliewooddesigns.com/


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