Electrifying world-famous festivals that are unskippable!
Electrifying world-famous festivals that are unskippable!

This gorgeous world is a beautiful blend of different cultures, lifestyles, and languages, and festivals. Every country has its own special vibes and cultures, which they represent through their festivals. Yes, innumerable festivals are held throughout the year in different corners of the world. These festivals are meant to show off the unique heritage and culture of that particular region. Through these celebrations, people of different social, economic, and religious backgrounds come together on one stage to celebrate as one entity. Everyone must witness one of these festivals once in their lifetime. 

Here in this article, we are mentioning the list of the most popular festivals around the world. These festivals will introduce you to an array of diverse traditions and cultures around the world. You will be mesmerized by watching different cultures. You will realize how different they are to us, and yet the same. Pick one of the festivals for your next getaway, and have a wonderful time there. So, let’s get started with the list. 

  • Mawazine, Morocco

Mawazine festival is held in May, and it shows how much Africans love to enjoy with their near and dear ones. They are true party animals. Organized every year, the festival welcomes around 2.65 million people. Huge acts are performed by different artists to entertain the crowd. Both Africans and international artists perform on the stage at this festival. Some of the most popular performers are Tinariwen, Amadou & Mariam, Rod Stewart, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake. The festival is held to celebrate the art and culture of Morocco, and it is a tribute to the music of Africa. If you wish to attend this festival, then fly off to Morocco with Hawaiian Airlines. The airline offers incredible discounts. Confirm your Hawaiian Airlines booking, and fly affordably. 

  • Cannes Film Festival, France

Are you a movie lover? Well, this might be the best festival for you. Being one of the most popular film festivals around the world, Cannes Film Festival attracts millions of eyeballs. The event is graced by the city of Cannes. Various rising stars and huge celebrities attend this grand event. Organized annually, you will witness the lavish red carpet. Well-dressed celebrities grace this occasion with their presence. This festival is a must for you to attend if you wish to see famous celebrities in their best wear. 

  • Pizzafest, Italy

Pizzafest must be held in Italy as it is the birthplace of pizza. The fest is organized in September in Naples. Pizza is the favorite of almost every second person, and if you are one of them, you should see this grand fest. Visit Naples in September, and see how it turns into a pizza village every night. 100000 pizzas of different varieties are available at this fest, and visitors can consume their favorite one. Pizzafest is the best place to relish some classic, yummy, and 50-odd historic versions of this Italian dish. 

  • Donauinselfest, Austria

Held in the month of June, it is a famous music festival. Donauinselfest is the biggest music festival, and Vienna is home to this spectacular festival. Some of the legendary music artists live in Vienna, and therefore this festival is so famous among visitors. Every year approximately, 3.1 million people join this festival to dance their hearts out. Visit Vienna in June to witness this electrifying festival. The best thing about Donauinselfest is that it’s free. No fee will be charged. Around 200 acts are performed on 11 stages by various artists. 

  • Cheltenham Literature Festival, England

Since 1949, this literature festival has been commanding the visitors’ attention. It is a 10 days festival, which is held in October. If you love immense interest in literature, then plan a trip to England in October. Almost 600 international and local poets, actors, authors, opinion-formers, and debaters showcase their work during this festival. You can even bring kids to this festival as they can witness their favorite story-book characters here. Indulge in some debate, book signing, etc., and see where you stand. 

  • New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, USA

Have you ever been to New Orleans? If yes, you must know that New Orleans is well-renowned for its spicy cuisine, nightlife, and vibrant live-music scene. In addition to this, the city is popular around the world for its oldest festivals. The New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival attracts millions of people, and it showcases a stunning diversity of gospel, blues, and jazz. It was influenced by the history and culture of Africa and America. This festival is very famous among tourists. 

  • Summerfest, USA

If you are strict on budget, and can’t spend extra money, then you should go to Wisconsin to attend Summerfest. It is one of the cheapest festivals, which is famous globally. Moreover, you can have a party with your group of friends at this festival at affordable prices. The festival is organized for 11 days in June-July. Being one of the biggest festivals in the United States, it magnetizes tourists from different corners. More than 800 acts and 800,000 punters are conducted during this vivid festival. Summerfest celebrated its 50th birthday in 2017 with Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Bob Dylan, and Pink. 

  • Wildfoods Festival, New Zealand

Are you a big foodie who never shy away from trying different non-vegetarian dishes? The Wildfoods Festival is just for you. You will gorge on dishes which you have never heard of at this place. The festival offers a variety of dishes that are not cooked on a regular basis. Innumerable tourists or food lovers come to this festival to satisfy their taste buds. Try lip-smacking dishes, and feel different flavors in your mouth. Some of the famous dishes that can be found here are snails in garlic, frog legs, earthworms, beetle grubs, possum cutlets, mountain oysters, and seagull eggs. The fest is conducted in March, so book your tickets accordingly. 

Experience the joy of discovering new heritages, traditions, and cultures. Plan a trip now to attend your favorite festival. Make sure to choose Air France as your travel companion to fly without burning a hole in your wallet. Confirm your Air France reservation to have a pocket-friendly journey. 


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