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Are you looking to improve your brand reputation? Does the competition level in your CBD markets seem overwhelming? Custom box printing can overtake all of your worries like a pro!

Custom CBD packaging has multiple dimensions but the most prominent one is the ability to establish the brand image among target customers. And with the ever-increasing unboxing video trend, creating specialist CBD boxes is more of a necessity than an option!

What are unboxing videos?

Social media influencer or vloggers post their experiences with a brand on their accounts. They mainly offer reviews of the products, their functions, and the product accessing procedure. This unboxing feel is captivating an increasing audience for whom the box appeal matters almost as much as the ordered items.

But don’t think that this trend is going to pass away quickly. CNN reports that the number of videos consisting of the ‘unboxing’ term has increased by 871% on YouTube alone. The real question is; how can you use the power of such videos for elevating your CBD products? In this article, we will show you how to tap the potential of your custom printed CBD boxes.

How to make your boxes more ‘unboxing’ friendly?

Tip 1: Opt for a cleaner look

In a world where everything is hyped out of proportion, customers are beginning to appreciate an understated box appeal. Relying on your brand name and image to stand out can be a wise decision. Apple has been doing it for quite some time now.

Marketers are also supporting the simple box appeal. They suggest that minimal printing conveys that the brand is premium, established, and focused on giving customers a meaningful service rather than just ‘selling’ CBD products.

What’s more? Opting for lesser printed designs means reduced costs! Customers take heed of offbeat box integrity and take a higher interest in the brand, pushing up sales.

Tip 2: Make it personal

Online shopping portals have made it easier for more customers to order your CBD items. It is definitely good news but it also means that rival companies are also convenient to approach.

What can bail your brand out? The way your CBD boxes are printed can really make a big difference. Customers look forward to receiving their orders. You can make this time count by giving them worthwhile shipping boxes.

Especially if you are a small company, taking out time to include customers’ personal preferences can make you survive alongside bigger corporates in the market. Don’t forget to include a hand-written card, or stamp a shopper’s name on the interior of a package.

If you add in little effort to include your customers within your CBD boxes, they would have the confidence to pick your brand in the future too. The difference between one-time impulsive buying and customer loyalty is a high grade of consumer care. You can effectively project this with personalized printing.

box printing

Tip 3: Be mindful of your customers

Creating CBD box printing takes more than creative designs. You need to identify what clicks with your customers and what doesn’t.

The first step is to know what your customers are looking for. CBD items are varied in forms and uses. Oils, pain killers, food items, and skincare are some of the most popular ones. The customer range also varies with product types.

Modern customers value sustainability. You can pick bio-degradable box materials for printing and can mention the same on the box covers. Many brands specify how their ingredients and boxes are eco-friendly. Social responsibility is another aspect that is greatly reviewed these days. You can convey how your brand gives back to the community. Putting in facts and figures attracts more customers and entices them to be brand loyal.

Likewise, the customers’ age, gender, and locality must be considered so these are catered for when printing designs and texts on the CBD boxes. For instance, if you are shipping CBD products to more than one country then printing in different languages can be helpful, and so on.

Tip 4: Depict positive sentiments

The recent pandemic has put a lot of pressure on mental health in general. Brands that seem fun and favorable get more sales revenues. CBD box printing is an essential component of brand awareness. Your brand logo and title shine brightly when printed with contemporary visuals and designs.

Ensure that the final box appeal is positive. You can add meaningful taglines, multiple functions of your CBD products, and cheerful messages. Customers should get a happy vibe when they open your boxes. This would enhance the chances of your brand appearing in more of the unboxing videos.

Using the box space is another crucial factor. You mustn’t get carried away with using all of the box space available. Neither should you let go of this golden opportunity and miss out on essential branding elements. The optimum amount is displaying your core branding values, communicating important brand and product info, and creating patterns to add character to the boxes.

Tip 5: Do it within your budget

What is the point of creating exceptional printing on the boxes at the expense of evaporating resources? The whole printing process should fit within the planned budget. Otherwise, your business would take time to break even.

If you are feeling overwhelmed, then expert branded box manufacturers can tackle your packaging worries. They draft printing deals that are within your range and provide fruitful returns. The boxes go through professional printing procedures. The end product is the CBD boxes looking as you desire but with a polished and error-free appearance. With no printing mistakes, your customers can get the boxes and marketing messages as deemed fit. You also won’t be spending a lot of time and effort trying to come up with the best CBD printed box look on your own. Experts take care of every printing step to deliver CBD boxes on time.

Hopefully, with these tips, you’re well-equipped to encourage your shoppers to positively review your brand and create a hashtag for it!


CBD box printing can be done in various productive ways to reach a satisfactory customer loyalty level. It is time to start your project today!


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