IS4923 YST210 Rectangular Pipe

IS4923 YST210 Rectangular Pipe, Cold Formed, IS4923, with Additional Features. These features include things like simple installation, standard durability, low maintenance, etc. These types of pipes are produced utilizing top-notch raw materials and, of course, cutting-edge technology. These pipes of this caliber are reasonably priced. Cold-formed rectangular hollow section pipe is being provided by the provider in accordance with the client’s specifications. Additionally, the producers meticulously do a comprehensive examination to assess the created item’s quality before to shipping.

The IS4923 YST210 Rectangular Hollow Section pipe is known for its ability to meet cold working requirements. Additionally, this pipe is supplied at market-leading prices in a variety of sizes and specifications depending on the needs of the application. They are widely utilized throughout numerous sectors.

All requirements for rectangular and square hollow steel section pipe for structural usage are covered by IS 4923 material standard. Hollow sections are categorized as HF and CF based on their exterior dimension and thickness in millimeters. For shipping, IS 4923 hollow sections are wrapped and fastened with rope, wire, and straps.

Despite your concern for quality, you must get Cold Formed IS4923 YST210 Rectangular Hollow Section. After testing, the reputable vendor is selling those. Testing is completed using methods such as hardness testing, bend testing, impact testing, positive material identification, radiography testing, intergranular corrosion testing, and others. This guarantees the product’s high quality.

Rectangular Cold Formed Hollow Section Specification, IS 4923 YST 210

40mm*20mm to 240*120mm in size

0.5 mm to 25 mm for wall thickness

Size: 6.0 m +/- 0.05 m Customized lengths between 6 and 11 meters

Type: Welded, Seamless, or ERW

Measurement tolerances Thickness: (+/- 10% for all sizes)

Corner squareness: 90 +/- 2 deg.

Sides’ exterior dimensions should be within 1%, at a minimum within 0.50 mm.

Corner radius: 3 t, maximum, where t is the section’s thickness

1 percent of the size is concavity or convexity.

Maximum 2 mm 0.05 mm/m length-measured relative vertical shift of any neighboring corner of the section, calculated by maintaining one side on a flat surface

End Finish: Mechanically sheared, mill-cut finish without additional machining. Plain terminated.

packaging: bundles, varnish coating, anticorrosion heat preservation Ends may be rectangular cut or beveled. Certification with an end cap, an additional exam, and an identity mark

Black with no surface treatments, such as oiling or varnishing.


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