Workers' Comp Claim

Accidents are common occurrences at work and can range from a back injury from heavy lifting to a broken leg due to a ladder fall. After an accident at work, you might be pondering how to file a compensation claim – which is natural. 

But what’s the principle behind workers’ compensation cases, and how does it work?

If you are an employee in a Lancaster organization and have suffered a work-related injury; you are eligible for workers’ compensation. Most settlement claims do not result in lawsuits. 

However, many employers or insurance firms reject workers’ comp claims – even if they’re legit – leaving  the employee to face an intricate appeals system. This long appeal process is to push you towards giving up.

Are you in a similar situation? Well, you stand a better chance to receive your compensation claim when you hire one of the best Lancaster workers’ compensation lawyers

What Do Workers’ Compensation Lawyers Do?

A workers’ comp attorney will do his due diligence by communicating with the compensation insurer, collating medical evidence to defend your claim, and negotiating a fair settlement. 

If the case goes to court; your workers’ comp attorney will defend and represent you at your legal hearing. Remember that the insurance company’s attorneys will not act in your best interest, and they are ready to deny your legitimate claim for vague reasons.

Amongst others, here are things the best Lancaster workers’ compensation lawyers will do to ensure you obtain your deserved benefits: 

Collect Vocational, Medical, and Other Evidence

Unsatisfactory medical evidence is often the reason insurers reject workers’ compensation claims. 

You’ll get the medical treatment you deserve alongside other benefits if you have solid and convincing medical evidence. 

A workers’ compensation attorney can help you build solid medical evidence by:

  • Documenting medical records
  • Recommending treatments with physicians
  • Seeking opinions from medical experts
  • Getting testimony from a vocation expert about your work’s physical requirements
  • Evidence showing your employer’s history of poor workspace safety

Negotiate Settlement Agreements

If you are looking to negotiate with your employer’s insurance company regarding your workers’ comp, it would be best if you hired one of the best Lancaster workers’ compensation lawyers to do the job. 

As a professional in workers’ compensation law, your attorney can accurately estimate your cases’ worth and determine the benefits you should receive. 

This estimation is based on some factors like:

  • The severity of your injury or illness 
  • Your past medical expenses
  • Whether you have lasting impairments – and if so – their degree
  • Your previous wages

Represent You at Your Workers’ Compensation Trial

If your lawyer cannot reach a fair settlement with your employer’s insurer, your case graduates to a court hearing before a workers’ compensation judge. 

Before trial, your attorney will gather your medical records, tender your pleading, take the deposition of pleadings, and submit necessary documents early.

Your workers’ comp lawyer will act in your best interest at the trial, and if you’re dissatisfied with the result; your attorney proceeds to appeal the decision on your request. 

Major Signs You’ll Be Needing Workers’ Compensation Lawyers:

Employer Denies Your Claim 

This sign ranks top because it’s common amongst top organizations. When workers sustain minor injuries like a sprain, they usually leave it unreported. Nonetheless, if this injury worsens in the workplace, it’s typical for an employer of labor to deny outrightly. 

There’s no need to fret when this happens, as seeking the legal services of workers’ compensation lawyers in Lancaster can prove your claim. 

By hiring an attorney with workers’ comp experience in their résumé, you can rest assured knowing that they’ll make efforts to certify your injury was work-related.

Subtle Changes in Employer Behaviour

While injuries at work happen, employers might worry about productivity levels. These thoughts cause stress and behavioral changes. Albeit valid emotions, some bosses might vent them out at innocent employees. 

Here, staff might deal with reductions for not showing up at work or outright dismissal. If you notice a change in your boss’s mood after your work injury, getting the contact details of workers’ comp attorneys within your vicinity should be your next line of thought.

The Filing Process Seems Daunting

Except you have a law degree, understanding the legal jargon around filing a workers’ comp case might seem like rocket science. With LLCs like Georgelis Law Firm stepping up the anté in prosecuting workers’ comp claims, you have access to top workers’ compensation lawyers in Lancaster

Known for undertaking cases without breaking a sweat, these attorneys will give you crucial insight into the ins and outs of the whole filing process. If your case drags on to a legal hearing, these litigators will represent you accordingly. 

Your Firm Doesn’t Have a Workers’ Compensation Insurance Policy

The law states that every operating organization must have a workers’ compensation insurance plan to meet the needs of workers who have sustained work-related injuries. 

If your company doesn’t have a suiting policy, you might be unaware until a work injury happens. Upon realization, it’ll be in your best interests to contact a workers’ comp lawyer to sift out other benefits you’re entitled to. 

You’re Denied Benefits

If your workers’ compensation claim is denied, you’d need a workers’ comp attorney to backtrack and know what went wrong with your earlier application. 

Once they’ve comprehensively assessed the situation, your attorney can now make a rock-solid claim bound to get you fair compensation.Workers' Comp Claim

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Vital Elements to Consider When Choosing a Workers’ Comp Attorney

However, we advise restraint as making a selection without researching could backfire, hindering your chances of receiving a claim that befits your work injury and the time spent on the sidelines. 

The Selection Process: Crucial Considerations to Take in Your Stride

While you’re in a race against time, you must employ these tips while selecting a workers’ comp attorney to represent you and secure decent compensation:

  1. Experience

Experience is the best teacher, they say. However, you won’t want your case to be the testbed for any budding workers’ comp attorney. Since getting a workers’ comp lawyer might field some clogs on the way, especially if you’re dealing with a top enterprise, you’ll need a legal representative with experience in this arena.

An experienced workers’ comp lawyer understands the prerequisites for filing claims and negotiating compensation values. Focus on firms with a limited legal scope to get the best pair of eyes on your case. Why? They’re more attentive than those who major in multiple aspects.

It’s a no-brainer. If a lawyer handles seven cases in a week and five of them are workers’ comp related, you stand a better chance with this legal advisor, unlike others who litigate these hearings once in a while.

2.Research Their Success Rates

The top workers’ comp lawyers in Lancaster, PA, are known for one thing — SUCCESS. Thus, you’ll want a lawyer with several workers’ compensation wins in their résumé.

While looking at an attorney’s success rate might seem smooth sailing, it’s crucial to understand not all lawyers have the luxury of stating their successes due to legal restrictions. However, for those that do, we recommend checking them out “pronto.”

Now, you can validate what LLC or private lawyer you stand better chances with in a workers’ comp case.

  1. A Star-studded Public Image

Before you hire a workers’ comp attorney, it’s essential to choose one with an excellent public image. To know if a lawyer ranks high, get recommendations from friends and family. When a large chunk of suggestions borders around a particular attorney or law firm, you’re sure of a rock-solid representation that yields positives.


On the flip side, if your friends and family aren’t vast in legal affairs, you can seek suggestions from local BAR associations. These entities give unbiased details on lawyers, allowing you to make an informed decision. 

  1. Great Customer Service

Customer service is the bane of any organization, and if an attorney relates well with clients, you know that they are worth their onions. Well, in the legal industry, this is a rarity as most attorneys have an “air of pride” around them. While this might sound like a stereotype, it’s a known FACT!

Thus, we advise going with top workers’ comp lawyers in Lancaster, PA, who understand clients’ predicament and rears them on every step of the way. 

The little things matter.

We’re on Ground to Meet Your Diverse Workers’ Comp Needs 24/7

A work injury can cause all types of negatives, including job loss. If a firm refuses to award you what’s rightfully yours in terms of settlement, it’s time to enter a free consultation with the workers’ comp attorneys at Georgelis Law Firm.

With years of experience in litigating work injury cases, we’ve amassed a reputation for giving our clients the compensation values they deserve. You’re important to us, and we promise not to leave any stone unturned to provide you with closure after a work-related injury.


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