SHAMS is the almost latest free zone which was founded in 2017. This was found to become a center for the creativity and media of the sector, and since its setup, this has become famous in a concise span of time. If you are looking for a SHAMS Company Setup, but unable to do it by yourself then no need to worry, you just need to take a simple step is to contact Start Any Business UAE professionals who will surely help you throughout the establishment process and make it easy and efficient without any obstacle.

The SHAMS community gives a vibrant eco-system with great innovation where people stay, learn, and are co-built. SHAMS services set a benchmark for those who start their business with expertise features for creative media industries. SHAMS is a high-quality free zone significantly designed to accommodate innovation. Sharjah Media City is a dynamic initiative that assures robust association with the proficient person. Features in SHAMS allure business people offering smart and best services coupled with the holistic community-centered approach. How to be a free zone is governed by the rules of the SHAMS and the UAE, this has legal independence over media and licensing regulations. SHAMS helps restricted content and drive entrepreneurial expertise within the exemplary community.

Business functions in the free zone demand a minimum of AED 100,000 for all kinds of business ventures situated in SHAMS but this is an alternative too. If you like to have a share capital, then SHAMS would give a bank letter to open a bank account in the name of your proposed business venture. After the issuance of the business license, use the capital fund for the purpose of business functions. While selecting the capital alternative, the incorporation procedure can be taking a long term.

How to Start a Business in Sharjah Free zone

The steps that you will help to follow for the business setup in SHAMS are given below –

  • The first step that you need to do for the SHAMS company establishment is going to the SHAMS online portal and determine from the various kids of trade licenses alternatives given for the company. the alternatives comprising – industrial license, services license, holding license, trading license.
  • The next step is, you will have to select the requirements of your office that you require for your establishment. Would it be a dedicated desk or office, or would it be a shared desk or office?
  • The next phase in the procedure is to present all the needed documents and forms which can be completed either through yourself or with the help of the business setup consultants in Dubai.
  • The next phase is to make payments of all the charges and invoices, which would be raised by the SHAMS free zone. You can also pay the consultants, and the professionals would pay the charges on your behalf.
  • The last phase is to collect your trade license from the Department of Economic Department and begin your business in such a free zone and avail all the benefits.

By complying with the all above-mentioned steps, anyone can smoothly establish their business in SHAMS. SHMAS would also give you the possibilities in which you would not need to block a huge amount of funds to acquire a business license in the UAE.

Cost to Start a Business in SHAMS Free Zone

The fact is that the cost of business establishment in SHAMS varies over time because the government can increase or decrease the amount for the various processes included at any time. Therefore, it will be challenging to compute a certain rate for various approvals. The cost of the company set up in SHAMS can vary depending on the nature of the business. SHAMS is a cost-effective free zone in UAE. The estimated cost is about AED 5,750 for a zero-visa package. The best choice is to get in touch with the access knowledgeable business setup consultants who will guide you on the expenses and be able to reduce them. They will assist business people to be aware of the charges initially and make them update on the changes in judicial charges and other governmental services in SHAMS. The business formation consultants would be able to suggest business people on possible outgoings, saving them from incurring unnecessary outgoings.

Reasons to Choose SHAMS Free Zone 

There are several reasons due to which the variety of companies in the free zone is faster growing. The reasons for opting for SHAMS free zone among the free zones are –

  • Here the businessmen can rapidly register their company, which is because of the digitalization of the registering procedure. SHAMS has made acquiring the business license in the free zone very comfortable and flexible. To acquire a license, the businessman requires not to present the NOC letter and can get the license in three days.
  • There are several business activities available that can be selected for register in the SHAMS free zone. A wider range of business possibilities in a sole sector can prove helpful for companies.
  • Bank account opening is a touch and tedious process, but in SHAMS, this is very simple for opening a bank account. A list of banks that are tie-up with the SHAMS would be offered to the businessmen who can opt, where to open their accounts.

In SHAMS free zone, stakeholder’s physical presence is not necessary for a new company incorporation. The parties concerned may sign the essential documents and deliver them the registered agents. The free zone would establish companies and produce electronic copies of the papers that could be utilized for bank account opening.

Benefits of Company Setup in SHAMS Free zone 

The benefits of setting up a company in SHAMS free zone are –

  • Permit allocation of over six visas on shared desk amenity
  • They do not need initial deposits
  • Obtain an investor visa with no restrictions on age
  • Get the capability to hire corporate directors
  • The companies would have limits on liabilities
  • Get the benefit of 100% repatriation of capital and profits
  • There are no personal and corporate tax
  • Get proper ownership of your company as an overseas







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