In a time when so much is at stake, It is vital to make sure your company has the greatest chance of getting top talent. It is possible to increase your odds of being hired by applying for an application tracker (ATS).

What is an applicant tracking system in HR?

An applicant tracking system (ATS) is a computer program that allows automating the process of recruiting in many ways. They are compatible together with other recruitment tools like sourcing tools, and online tools for the assessment of skills.

What is the goal of these systems?

ATS applications all come with their own benefits and functions, however, there are some features that are common regardless of the platform. There is the possibility of doing more than “track applicants” with the most effective applicant tracking systems. In order for an ATS to be efficient and reliable, it should at the very least be capable of:

  • It is possible to post open positions both internally and externally by using a brand-name recruitment site. You’re likely to attract more interested applicants when you directly deal with them, in contrast to those who submit applications through websites and feel like they’re working through an intermediary.
  • Your needs for recruitment are met by screening questions prior to the interview and tests for skills. It is essential to collect the data that you require from candidates as the requirements for information will differ from role to the job (even in similar tasks).
  • Make a list of candidates to shortlist through your system for tracking applicants or any other tool that has enhanced search options. Examining resumes or reviewing LinkedIn profiles can take a lot of time.
  • Integrates scheduling for video interviews, scheduling interviews, and keeping track of the candidates throughout an interview. What are the benefits of using Zoom in comparison to your existing system of record-keeping?
  • A tool to analyze recruitment data can assist you in analyzing the effectiveness of your recruitment process and help you improve areas of weakness. If you’re a large business with constant recruitment requirements it is essential to improve all aspects of your recruitment process.

The best method of deciding on the best applicant tracking system for tracking applicants is to select one.

A variety of ATS platforms are accessible nowadays, so pick one that isn’t the most intuitive. Additionally, you must solicit suggestions from your team for improving the process of recruiting and include the most team members feasible in demos of your product. In the remaining portion of this article, we’ll take a look at in detail 10 of the most effective ATS solutions.

Identifying the requirements you require for your hiring

Begin your hunt to find an ATS by reviewing your current recruitment process. What are the areas where there are gaps? Do you require a streamlined approach to the process once candidates become “active” and vacancies arise are you more important to identify candidates faster?

There could be a significant problem with your current hiring process due to the fact that you aren’t aware of your weak points. If you select an ATS with notable features that are designed to address issues that you already do but you don’t gain the most benefit. It could even cause disruption to the process of recruiting unnecessarily when you choose to do this.

To locate an instrument that can help you to enhance your processes, it’s important to pinpoint areas that could be enhanced.

With the proper tools, you will improve the process of recruiting

ATS software provides you with the possibility of being creative in your recruitment strategies that allow your company to be noticed by your competition to draw top candidates and effectively handle any future openings.

You must know the size of your organization, its industry, and the recruitment requirements

A growing but small-sized business requires different hiring requirements than a larger corporation. It is necessary to use an alternative method to those who hire only two or every three months as opposed to someone who continually recruits to fill vacant positions or has an employee turnover rate that is high.

It could be possible to locate an ATS tool that addresses the problems and shortcomings of recruiting that are specifically for your industry. There are many other ATS tools that are specifically tailored to specific sectors.

The features that are relevant

Are there features that can simplify and enhance your recruitment process, help save your company money, and enable you to find the right candidates more quickly? Write down what you’d prefer your ideal ATS to incorporate and use that as the foundation for your research.

The following characteristics are to consider

  • Automatization of the process of sourcing
  • Rankings based upon specific keywords or on the results of screenings, tests and pre-screenings made using artificial intelligence
  • Customized job portals for jobs
  • External job boards
  • Evaluations of the personalities
  • Make your internal recruitment process more flexible using customized workflows
  • Integration of other tools for recruitment
  • Enjoy a relaxed time working with your team

The cost of

It is important to consider the cost of an ATS in the context of your overall budget for recruitment. Making the right choice will help you save money by reducing the costs of a poor hiring decision!

A lot of ATS providers offer a custom price depending on the size and demands of your business during the purchasing process. Instead of picking the cheapest choice, it is better to concentrate on what you want to get from your ATS.

It is important to remember that the cost of an applicant tracking system doesn’t necessarily correlate directly with its effectiveness or value.

The user’s experience

Be sure that your ATS is intuitive and user-friendly, and something you’ll look forward to each day, instead of selecting the most expensive option by default. Take into account the background of the candidate too.

Here are some suggestions to consider:

  • The applicant tracker system you use: How do the candidates be interacting with it?
  • How will these interactions affect and impact the candidates?
  • Does the ATS work with mobiles? Yes, it does.

Your company could be negatively affected by a candidate who has a negative experience. If a candidate is willing to share their experience with friends and family the pool of possible candidates may decrease.

A look at the stats

Certain ATS solutions don’t offer analytics. Based on what the dimensions of your company are, analytics might be a “must-have” feature when looking for an ATS. If your business doesn’t have a recruitment program or if it’s smaller it may not be necessary to manage analytics. It is because candidates have the option of sharing the experiences they have had with networks which can result in an enlarged pool of applicants. It is possible to improve your process of recruiting by studying the data you collect in real-time.

An ATS analysis will help you find things like:

  • The job advertisement you have posted isn’t being clicked on by applicants when they click on it, however, they are not applying.
  • A comprehensive assessment of the efficacy of your campaign advertising for your business.
  • At a certain point in your hiring process, there is a large percentage of applicants drop out.
  • Do you use prescreening and skill testing efficiently?
  • Do you do an excellent job of involving candidates in the testing process and then following on with them?

To get the necessary information regarding your job It is vital that you select an ATS that permits you to create and customize reports.

A system that can scale

If you’re running a small-sized business You may be hoping to expand in the next couple of years.

If your business expands and your needs for recruiting evolve, it’s important that you do all you can to ensure that you don’t change your ATS. In your search ensure that you choose the right tool that has flexibility and is scalable.

As your company grows it is possible to customize the ATS tool you use to meet your requirements and alter the way you use it.



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