Eyelashes speak for themselves! If you desire long, gorgeous eyelashes that will make anyone’s eyes pop then it may be because you want eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions are generally applied with eyelash glue. This is a special type of eyelash adhesive that you spread on the eyelashes themselves, not just on the eyelid. Do not use any kind of eyeliner or regular eyelash glue to apply eyelash extensions. You must have eyelash extension glue. There’s more information about that later in this article!

First, your lashes should be clean and makeup free at least 30 minutes before getting lash extensions put on them. The first thing you’ll do is pick out some lash trays. Lash trays come in two pieces for both eyes — upper lashes go into one piece, lower lashes go into another piece. They look kinda like clear glasses, and eyelash extensions are glued to the bottom half of these two pieces.

To help the eyelash extension glue adhere properly, you should mold your eyelashes into a curve that will fit into the contours of the eyelash tray. The eyelash curler is used to do this. There’s one for both upper and lower lashes, like glasses as mentioned above.

With an eyelash curler in hand, begin at the base (root) of your eyelashes and clamp down tightly for about ten seconds. You should always use safety measures such as avoiding pressing too hard on your eye area while using eyelash curlers! Curl your eyelashes like this three times on each side before applying lash extensions to them — once at the base, once in the middle of your eyelashes, and once at the tip.

Next, apply eyelash extensions to your upper eyelashes first before moving on to lower eyelashes. Open up an eyelash extension tray so that it looks like a clear rectangular glass with two different pieces of plastic inside — this is where eyelash extensions will go! Place one eyelash extension on each eyelid by using lash tweezers. If you’re new to applying eyelash extensions , place them more towards the outer corner of your eye at first instead of right next to your natural lashes. You can always move the eyelash extensions closer if they are not close enough. For now though just get them somewhere on there for practice! When placing eyelash extensions , you want to avoid placing eyelash extensions on eyelid skin and eyelid wrinkles. If you do happen to get eyelash extensions on your eyelid skin or eyelid wrinkles, gently remove them by using eyelash extension tweezers .

You’ll see why this is important as we go along! When applying lashes, use as little adhesive as possible. You don’t want to put too much as it could cause your eyelashes to stick together and fall out once the lash glue has dried! Applying eyelash adhesives too heavily can also affect how long the lashes last on your eyes before they start coming off on their own.

Next up: learning how to apply eyelash extensions comes next! Now that you know how eyelash extensions are applied, let’s look at eyelash extension courses in Kent.

Now that you know what eyelash extension courses are all about, keep reading to find out the benefits of eyelash extension courses !


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