If you’re suffering from an erectile dysfunction, the first thing you should take is to visit your doctor. But we need to be aware that at this stage, you’re unable to determine right away if you’re suffering from an erectile problem (ED) problem.

Sometimes, minor pain and stress, or even trauma to the penis region may hinder the ability of have an erection. However, these problems are typically only for a brief period duration.

If you’re not experiencing an erection, or are experiencing an one that’s as strong as you’d like it to be over the past or if you’re experiencing daily problems it could be a signal of an issue with Erectile dysfunction.

The doctor will perform several tests which could be simple ones like conversations that help gain the understanding about your state of mind and the issues you’re having. They can also conduct internal physical exams like blood pressure tests as well as ultrasound or injection tests.

The article was directed at men who could be exhibiting ED due to their lack of erections or wish to learn more about Erectile disorder prior to going to your doctor.

Let’s begin. Before we get started, we’ll examine the various causes behind ED that could help in determining the reason for the diagnosis. Then, we’ll look at the other tests to be ordered by a medical professional. The double doses of fildena can help to treat erectile dysfunction .

Understanding the primary causes of Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is perceived by a person as an inability to achieve an erection on their own. However, there are many other reasons. It will be surprising to know that erectile dysfunction can be caused by physical and psychological causes, and some of them seem as a waste of your time.

  • Physical ailments that can trigger ED(ED)
  • Heart disorders
  • Diabetes
  • Kidney issues
  • Nerve disorders
  • Obesity
  • Cholesterol
  • psychological issues, which can trigger ED(ED)
  • Stress
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

diagnostic tests doctors can recommend to an ED person who’s suspected for having ED

We’ve generally tried to make the process as straightforward as we can. We’ve attempted to steer clear of any medical terminology in order for the patient to understand the subject matter quickly.

These are possible Erectile test you may perform when you first visit your physician.

  • Conversation to know the medical and sexual background
  • This isn’t a testing as such. However, the doctors will likely request specific information about your past experiences of your medical history in full including any illnesses that you’ve suffered from or any medications like Fildena double 200 mg, Tadarise 20 and Malegra 100 that you’ve taken to treat your illness.
  • They find out the specifics about your history with regards to sexuality and whether you’ve experienced sexual problems previously.
  • Doctors are looking for an idea of whether an illness that has been present prior to the diagnosis may cause a male sexual disorder or abnormality that led to ED.

Physical exam

It’s an easy outside examination of the penis area including the testicles as well as penis to ensure that they’re in good health. Doctors will check for signs of hair loss in order to determine whether there is a hormone issue.

Doctors will also check your pulse for signs of low blood pressure. They will also take note of your heart rate and test your blood pressure.

Blood tests, urine tests, and Urine Tests

After a physical examination and discussions with the patient are completed, they’ll ask the patient undergo blood tests as well in the urine test.

It’s about finding out whether someone is suffering from diabetes, heart disease or kidney or liver problems. Doing all this may take time and, in the meantime, you should be patient and optimistic.

Overnight erection test

The test can be conducted at your home or in an office of a physician. The majority of the time, it was performed at evening. Doctors will offer you medical devices to pad with the penis pad.

The test was designed to assess the typical male sexual behavior . It is to determine whether you’re getting normal erections at night. If you don’t, it’s not conclusive evidence of erectile dysfunction however, it could provide clues.

Injection test

This is a fairly simple test that is carried out by doctors after they have entered their room. The doctors inject medications into the penis’s base and then test to find out if you’re experiencing a sexual erection, or it’s not. The test will give definitive evidence of the regular or inadequate blood flow through the capillaries of your penis.

Ultrasound tests

It is an illustration of an Doppler effect that utilizes the method of determining whether the flow of blood via the capillaries of penis are in the normal range or not.

The test is typically used in conjunction with an injection test to provide a combined test and, more likely, conclusive proof.

Test for mental health

A doctor can nominate the services of a psychiatrist to determine whether you have signs of mental disorders or you suffer from stress, anxiety or depression.

Conditions of The Endocrine System

The body’s endocrine systems produce various synthetic compounds that aid in regulating sexual desire, absorption, as well as a range of other variables. Diabetes is a condition that may cause an erectile dysfunction within a single individual. The pain in the nerves, which can have an impact on the vigor of pinion is another issue associated with diabetes’s unwavering determination. To make matters worse the condition can also trigger numerous hormonal and circulatory issues. The cause of strength can be either.

Reasons To Think About

Erectile dysfunction is a common balm on a myriad of psychological problems, particularly ones that develop early in life. There are many reasons that can contribute to an individual’s inability to perform their best. The feeling of being dreary, the fear of failure or an impression of being in a state of numbness may hinder the normal sexually-focused work environment, regardless of whether you’re at home or in the office.

The majority of those who suffer from psychogenic Erectile Dysfunction might require counseling and therapies that have been tried to ease the psychological strains instead of taking Erectile Dysfunction tablets such as Kamagra and Fildena Double 200 mg. About ten to twenty percent of people who are prone to difficulties with walking are treated by psychological aspects. The findings of these studies suggest that circumstances such as anxiety, fear, doubt and execution anxiety impact the ability of a person to get and keep the erections.

Heart Problems With The Heart

For males who are older than 50, cardiovascular disease is responsible for around half of the problems they have to face. Particularly when there is a problem with the procedures that supply liquid to the penis and hinder the erection. The causes of cardiovascular disease are similar to those that affect veins as well as arteries throughout the body. It can also caused by a pelvis/perineum injury or the hardening or enlargement of channels.

Impotence Caused by prescription medication

There are a handful of the most frequently prescribed drugs that may cause Erectile Dysfunction. Fildena Double 200 mg is a good choice to enhance the effect of an allure put into the top of the penis or combined with other medicines. It could also cause a retrograde or missing exclusive release.

There are a few of the most prescribed medications. They can cause Erectile Dysfunction includes beta-blockers, anti hypertensive medications, ketogenic diuretics, and others. When you start feeling uneasy after taking these medications inform your doctor of the medications you’re taking. For this reason, you should inform the doctor regarding the root cause of the condition. Communication that is open and a clear, straightforward conversation are crucial. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t ever take a prescription without consulting the physician. Visit now : Pills Corner


Penile erections are linked directly to the flow of blood towards the penis. It’s therefore easy to understand how heart health and other cardiac changes can influence ED. This is particularly important considering the condition of the patient (hypertension).

The immense pressure of venous blood in the capillaries that are small to the penis can cause the dividers of vessels to break in a flash. When they repair the tear the supply lines get a little thicker. In the end, less blood is able to flow for the penis’ erectile and flexible parts.


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