The point-slope form has three forms that are usually used to express the straight line. This form of the slope is useful because the equation of slope can be determined by it. You just need a single point on the line & slope of the line for it. The rest of the forms are known to be the slope-intercept & standard forms. Finding the slope is undoubtedly a complicated calculation, and sometimes the chances are high of getting the wrong outcome. This is because of the mistakes in manual calculation. This is why nowadays, everyone prefers to use the slope calculator online. By using this slope formula calculator, you can determine the slope or gradient between two points, A & B.

What is Slope?

Before moving to the main topic of discussion, it is important to know what slope actually is? Usually, the slope is called a gradient and is said to be the maker of a straight line steepness. The line is in a rising state if it is positive. While if it is negative, then it means the line is in the rising state. The line would be horizontal only when it is equal to zero. If the calculation seems difficult to you, consider using the slope formula calculator that takes two points to calculate m and y-intercept. The calculation for slope becomes much easier with the use of the slope finder online tool.

What is Meant by Point-Slope Form:

There are various ways to form an equation for a straight line. Point-slope is said to be a linear equation form that has three characteristic numbers. It includes the slope of the line and its two coordinates point. The point-slope form is represented as:

y – y1 = m * (x – x1)

  • here, x1, y1, are representing the coordinates of the line.
  • While, m represents the slope.

Notice the similarity of the point-slope form; it is similar to the slope formula. You might not know that it’s not the only way to form a line equation. The more popular way to use is the slope-intercept form:

y = m * x + b

Well! This explanation comples to understand, but you don’t have to stress about it. You can consider using the slope formula calculator that finds slope by using the slope formula. You can perform unlimited calculations to find the slope using the slope equation calculator.

How to find the line equation with the Slope & Coordinates of a Point?

Suppose that the given points are 3 and 7. While, the slop m = -1. Find the slope of the line by using this point and slope. For it, you need to recall the point-slope formula that looks like this:

Y – y1 = m(x – x1)

Now, we know that 3 and 7 are the x and y coordinates of a single point. While the slope “m” is -1. Hence, we have the information that is mentioned below:

X = 3, y = 7, and m = -1

Now, put these value into the slope equation:

Y – 7 = -1(x-3)

This is how we find the equation of a line using coordinate point and slope. Instead of solving this equation through the manual procedure, you can try the slope from two points calculator. You just need to insert the values you already know into the slope formula calculator to get the outcome in a fraction of seconds. 


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