Five Reasons to Hire a Professional Event Planner

Doing it yourself might seem like a good way to save money, but sometimes paying someone with industry connections saves you even more money and ensures your event’s success.

Hiring a professional event planner can seem like an unnecessary and additional expense to many people. However, precisely the opposite is true. The event planners in Maryland can save you large amounts of money, proportional to the size of your event.

You may be considering planning and managing your own event. Before you do so, keep in mind that the total amount you will end up paying may be more than what you would have otherwise paid, plus the additional service of an event planner. Indeed, you can benefit from many discounts and advantages to which an event organizer has access.

Here are five reasons to hire a professional event planner who can save you money.


  1. Professional Network

It’s the job of event planners to maintain a network of vendors and vendors they regularly deal with, from venues to flower vendors to catering and more. This special relationship allows the event planner to get discounts and offers that you cannot get by going directly to vendors.

For example, a supplier might offer you a quote for $4,000. However, an event planner who shares the story with the same provider, or even the best that can offer the same package, maybe can get the same package for just $3,200. You benefit because you pay less for what you want, and the savings can go to the expense of the event planner.


  1. Savings on Hotel Costs

You may want to book a block of rooms with a specific hotel, as well as a conference room within the hotel itself. To save on costs, you can ask your event planner to reimburse you for the commission that the planner would normally receive from the hotel. This can save you some money, depending on the size of your event.

Plus, event or wedding planners have strong relationships with hotel sales managers, so they’re more likely to get a better deal than you.


  1. Negotiation Skills

A good event or wedding planner services provider will know what is important to the venue you are booking and should be able to negotiate a mutually beneficial contract for you and the venue.


For example, the event planner may negotiate free services, reduced room rates, upgrades, or perhaps lower rates or free use of meeting rooms.


  1. Added Discounts

Since event planners handle multiple events, vendors and suppliers appreciate the business they bring in and often offer better prices, with a special event planner discount. You can ask your event planner if the additional discounts they get from their suppliers can be passed on to you.


  1. Time and Stress

They say time is money, and an event planner saves you time, so you can do other things that may be more important to you. You also have peace of mind knowing that someone is taking care of the details of your event professionally.

Others say health is wealth. A professional event planner eliminates stress, especially in an unforeseen emergency. For example, what if you are planning an outdoor event, and it suddenly rains? A good event planner will have trained staff and will have a backup plan to handle such an emergency.

Would You Trust Yourself To Perform Brain Surgery? Of course not, so why would you trust your event if you are not an expert? Be smart.


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