QuickBooks POS socket error 10060 is a connection timeout error, which generally appears while processing credit or debit card payments. When we swipe a debit or credit card, the system searches for information on the card and the person who owns it. And the connection needs to be precisely perfect for this to happen. When the connection isn’t working properly, the user receives this error.


Further, in this blogpost, we will discuss the major causes, effects, and solutions of QuickBooks error code 10060. If, for any reason, you are unable to fix this error or perform the troubleshooting steps, you can reach our certified technicians.


Cause of QuickBooks POS Socket Error Code 10060

The QuickBooks error number 10060 may be displayed owing to the causes stated below:

  • The first factor might be a lack of adequate internet access.
  • Another possibility is that the network connection is being blocked by security software.
  • You may need to check for a problem with sockets.
  • Problems with EFT servers might also lead to this.


Methods to Fix QuickBooks POS Socket Error Code 10060

Below are the different methods that you can try to fix your QuickBooks POS socket error code 10060.

Solution 1: Connect a Disconnected Socket

Let’s start with the most prevalent problem first since it’s the most common one.

  • Ask your Internet service provider (ISP) whether your network is operating correctly.
  • If you’re using QuickBooks and wish to allow all the ports required by QB, notify them.
  • You’ll also want to make sure that your socket is working.
  • You may use the same procedure to fix any loose or missing plugs as a last resort.
  • Verify whether this has corrected your error.


Solution 2: Change Security Software Settings

Security software, such as a firewall, may mistakenly see QuickBooks connection as a threat. Just turn off your system’s security features, including the Windows firewall, to see whether it works.

  • Re-verify the transaction’s authenticity.
  • An authorized transaction that throws no errors indicates that you’ve found and addressed the issue.
  • You may allow the ports required by QuickBooks by adding them to the exceptions for firewall software.


Solution 3: Fix Problems with the EFT Server Program

The EFT server software handles the connection and transaction authentication. The following instructions will help you get started:

  • From the top menu bar of QuickBooks POS, click on the Tools link.
  • To access your personal information, click on the User Information link.
  • This transaction will not be authorized because the WS-EFT server is not included in the list of available servers.
  • Make sure all the settings are correct in the user information box.
  • Enter the server’s proper credentials to authenticate the transaction.


This article has tried to guide you with three proven methods to solve the QuickBooks POS socket error code 10060. If the error still persists, then you can contact our QuickBooks error support team at 1-800-615-2347 for more advanced solutions.


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