Is your TP Link repeater not connecting to the host router? Well, you are not alone in who facing this issue. Relax! We are going to help you explore different reasons why you are facing an extender not connecting to the router issue. After that, you will have a basic idea of how you can fix the issue at hand. Thus, you can easily access TP Link WiFi extender setup wizard.

So, without further ado, let’s roll further and get rid of the issue at hand. Read on.


Solution: TP Link Extender Not Connecting to Router

Verify Connections

Perhaps the connection between your devices is not strong. For instance, the wireless connection is susceptible to WiFi interference and other external hindrances. The wired connection could be at fault if the cable used is not right.

So, you should verify the connection between the devices. The Ethernet cable used must be in perfect working condition. The connection must never be loose; otherwise, there would be issues while connecting the extender and router.

Move Devices Closer

What if your TP Link extender is out of the router’s proximity? It happens when users place the repeater in some other room where router signals can’t reach. In this case, if you are going to connect the devices, you are bound to get a TP Link repeater not connecting to the router issue.

We understand your needs and that you want to minimize WiFi interference. However, that does not give way to devices’ placement on extreme ends. Rather, measure the router distance before placing the range extender.

Reboot Extender

Technical glitches are the most common culprits behind the TP Link repeater not connecting to the router issue. There could be a bug or error while establishing a connection between the devices. Even after physically connecting devices, technical errors can limit the connection accessibility.

Hence, you must remove technical glitches. Therefore, we would suggest you go for an extender reboot. Remove each device from your home WiFi network and remove it from the power source. Restart your device after some time so that it gets to rest.

Check Internet Connectivity

Poor internet connectivity can further be a major reason why you are facing a TP Link extender not connecting to the router issue. It could be from the router’s end or the backend. That is, the internet service provider is facing some issues that are resulting in the error on your end.

Therefore, you must contact your internet service provider and check for the issues. Furthermore, if needed, update your current internet package to boost the overall internet experience. It will resolve the extender not connecting to router issue. You can also use the TP Link extender app to check network speed.

WiFi Interferences

In most cases, external factors result in the TP Link extender not connecting to the router issue. These are often known as WiFi interferences. Hence, you are going to need to relocate your device. Place it somewhere where the range extender receives WiFi signals for easier transmission.

You should place it in the central location of your house so that every direction receives the right amount of signals. Just make sure it stays close to the host router.

Reset Range Extender

If all the tips given do not serve you, resetting it would be your last resort. So, either hit the reset button or do TP Link WiFi extender login. Wait until the device restarts and try to reconnect your extender to the host router.

Wrap Up

We hope the TP Link extender not connecting to the router issue has been fixed. After that, you can easily access a faster and more reliable internet connection throughout your house.


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