Forex trading in Dubai: legal or illegal?

Forex trading presents a lucrative business opportunity for people who have sufficient knowledge of how this industry works. But, many still doubt whether it’s legal to do forex trading in Dubai. The SCA (Securities Commodities Authority) has established well-defined laws for how to go about your forex trading ventures in the UAE.

You have specialized business zones to launch your forex trading company in the UAE, and you also have the option of the Dubai mainland region. You’ll need to partner with a local sponsor if you wish to launch a company on the mainland. Therefore, it’s better to partner with the business experts at Shuraa who’ll help you carry out forex trading in Dubai.

Is Forex Trading legal in Dubai?

Yes, forex trading in Dubai is perfectly legal as long as you abide by the guidelines and protocols, much like any other business in the UAE. You need to have the relevant license to indulge in such trading activity and must also have a legal brokerage account. The SCA monitors all the non-banking monetary and financial trades in the Emirates, and strict actions are taken against firms that don’t abide by the regulations.

You can deal in exchange-traded derivatives, forex, over-the-counter trading, and much more with a legal forex trading license. The UAE’s Central Bank also plays a vital role by governing various brokerage activities and legalizing such trades in the country. Therefore, it’s safe to say that forex trading is not illegal in Dubai. It’s about having the right knowledge and necessary guidance that’ll ensure your business never comes under the radar or indulge in prohibited activities.

How to start Forex Trading in the UAE?

How to start forex trading in the UAE?

Now that you know forex trading in Dubai is legal and profitable, it’s time to understand the requirements for launching such a company. All you need to do is follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Analyze the market

You need to comprehend how the forex trading industry works. How you will find a place for yourself in this competitive sector. Any rash decisions can lead to dire consequences that include loss of finance, legal trouble, blacklisting of your firm, and more. Therefore, take your time and come up with an educated decision after analyzing the forex trading market in the UAE. Remember, you’ll find many reliable brokers, but the onus to push your business to unprecedented heights rests on your shoulders.

  • Understand your needs

Always create a checklist of goals before you get started with forex trading in Dubai. This will help you to evaluate your needs, and the same will also reflect in the approach you follow to drive profits from your trading venture. A well-thought-out plan always revolves around holistic targets in manageable timeframes. If you’re unsure of anything related to forex trading, connect with the local business consultants, and they’ll provide the necessary guidance at all steps.

  • Choose a reliable broker

A critical decision you need to make before forming your forex trading company is finalizing the broker. The broker (or the brokerage firm) can make or break your business in the UAE. Therefore, always perform an appropriate background check to know if they’re affiliated with any government agency. If not, skip them and look for other reliable options. You also need to understand the leverage and margin policies of the brokerage firm. Check if they fall under your bracket or not. Moreover, never miss an opportunity to get a demo account from the broker to get familiar with their trading portal.

  • Obtain the forex trading license

Once you’re done with all the steps mentioned above, it’s time to acquire a forex trading license for your company. You need to approach the DFSA (Dubai Financial Service Authority) to apply for a license application, and they’ll provide you all the requirements you must meet to be eligible for the license. Be it international equities, commodity trading, or foreign exchange – you need to apply to the DFSA. Furthermore, your brokerage firm should be potent enough to clear their company fit test that evaluates firms on various grounds.

  • Get started with the trading activities

A forex trading license empowers you to trade in cryptocurrency, capitalization stocks, and a lot more in the UAE. What you trade, how you trade, and what profits you secure depend completely on your trading strategy. We, at Shuraa Business Setup, advise you to explore forex trading to its fullest. So, that you don’t put your hard-earned money at risk. You can get in touch with our legal advisors in case you’ve stuck anywhere or need help with anything related to forex trading in Dubai or business formation in general. That’s it! You’re all set to get started with your forex trading activities and earn sizable revenue from your venture.

Financial zones to open a Forex Trading company in Dubai

You can open your forex trading firm in any of the specialized free trading zones in the UAE. Furthermore, the Dubai mainland is a lucrative option too, as it gives you easy access to Dubai’s local marketplace. Here, we discuss two of the finest free zone authorities. You can find in the entire world to do forex trading:

 DIFC (Dubai International Financial Center)

The DIFC ranks among the best onshore financial centers on the planet and is ideal for various businesses like forex trading, lifestyle, fintech, and more. The region has a common-law framework governed by the DFSA and also has an independent judiciary system. There’s no limitation on profit repatriation, and foreign investors can enjoy 100% business ownership in DIFC. Furthermore, the zone is tax-free, and you can pocket a lot of profit through forex trading in Dubai when operating in the DIFC.

ADGM (Abu Dhabi Global Market)

Much like the DIFC, the Abu Dhabi Global Market isn’t far either from the list of the best financial centers. It offers a supportive business environment where you can grow alongside other companies in a healthy working ecosystem. The FSRA (Financial Services Regulatory Authority) governs all the non-banking activities in the region and is your point of contact for anything related to forex trading in Dubai.

Connect with Shuraa

Your decision to open a forex trading company in the UAE is the right one. Because very few countries offer such lucrative business opportunities for forex trading. You’re free from any corporate taxes, the brokers are affiliated with government agencies, businesses resources and other amenities are easily available, and the list goes on. It gets even better when you partner with Shuraa Business Setup. We take pride in offering cost-effective company formation services to our clients, and our business consultants can help you with your requirements related to forex trading in Dubai. Connect with us today!

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