Furniture Storage Vancouver
The demand from companies and individuals for the furniture storage service is constantly increasing, a service that provides for the use of a warehouse in which to temporarily store furniture and personal items while waiting to be able to transfer them to the new destination.
Storage and custody of furniture
It may happen that for different needs, individuals and companies need to deposit furniture, personal objects but also entire workstations or archives, waiting to have access to the new home or to the new premises that will host the workplace.
The moving companies have therefore equipped themselves to offer to customers who request it this useful service through the rental for variable periods of stay (from a few days to whole months) of boxes or containers placed in a warehouse guarded or equipped with CCTV cameras. They are very safe places and designed to keep the goods deposited in optimal conditions. In addition to being thermally insulated, therefore insulated, and with insulated floors, they are subjected to continuous sanitation.

When is furniture storage really useful?

Furniture storage can be a very effective solution in different situations:

The new home cannot yet welcome you and at the same time the rent of your current home is about to expire
For work reasons you have to move abroad for a long period
The new house you are going to live in is already furnished and you need time to get organized
You need to leave your furniture in anticipation of future reuse
When the takeover or new connection  of the utilities has not yet carried out  through the   trusted supplier

How to calculate the space you need for storage

The available sizes of boxes and containers are varied and able to adapt to customer needs. Let’s take some examples to give you an idea of ​​how much space it might take to entrust your furniture and personal items to a security deposit. A box of 4 cubic meters can contain a refrigerator, a washing machine, and 5 or 6 boxes; a box of 15 cubic meters can contain the furniture of a small apartment. Two armchairs, a three-seater sofa, a bookcase, a table, and a dozen boxes. The largest boxes, on the other hand, can perfectly contain the furniture of an entire apartment or an entire office.
Even the time of stay can vary according to the specific needs of the customer. From a daily deposit to an annual subscription, the choice and costs will be agreed upon in the quote phase.

The procedure for storing furniture

Our company has the necessary staff to disassemble, pack and transport the furniture to transfer to the warehouse. Here the goods will keep in total safety for the entire period of time agreed with the customer. When the time comes to move the furniture in custody to the new premises, our employees will always take care of the move and reassembly.
For a professional furniture storage service, rely on the experience of our moving company in Richmond. You can immediately request a quote by clicking here, you will be amazed by the excellence of the service we can offer you.

Storage area

Do you need temporary space, a deposit for your furniture? We have warehouses where your furniture can store, in an independent box, away from any external agent. Because it may happen that your new home or office is not ready immediately, and having to vacate the old premises, you need a place to store your furniture and its contents.

Some typical use cases:

If the new premises are not ready yet

You need to renovate your home and you don’t know where to put the furniture
May you need to free one or more rooms from things that you do not want to sell or dispose of

 The storage boxes are:

  • Well paved
  • Well ventilated
  • Check yourself constantly
The furnishings and furnishings intended for storage require careful preparation because they must load and unloaded twice.

Temporarily on the waiting list (move in two phases)

In these cases, the moving is divided into the following phases:

-disassembly of your furniture
-careful packaging of the objects
-loading on the truck
-unloading at our warehouse

In our warehouse your furniture:

They will keep in well-paved, ventilated, and constantly monitored boxes.
They can stay as long as you need and will deliver and assemble when your new property is ready.
Furniture storage costs are estimated based on the actual footprint.


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