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These days every occasion starts and ends with the cake. It creates a lasting memory for people to remember the party and celebration for years. Gone are the centuries when people had to go to bakeries and buy the desired cake to celebrate the occasion. With the advancement of technology, the hurdles behind buying cake become possible without borrowing. 

Nowadays, diverse cakes are available online from various locations and bakers. You can buy the cake from any baker and receive that when you expect it. Online portals bring you the option to order cake online for any occasion and any time. Besides, you can send cake delivery from any location to any location. Keep reading this passage to recognize the cake models for an occasion to make it amuse your dear ones. 


It is a focal point of the wedding celebration. The wedding celebration becomes incomplete without slicing the tiered cakes. It is non-identical from the layered cake. Avoid being confused. Tier-cakes are stacked one by one at the top with a celebration theme. The height of the cake depends on the number of stacks in the cake. 

It is hard to get the tier cakes on same-day online cake delivery in Allahabad and over the areas. You have to pre-order it for at least two weeks to get the attractive cake for your ceremony. You can get this cake in different flavors.

Eggless cake

These days, almost all cakes are baked with egg and eggless. Eggless cakes are significant for people who are allergic to eggs. The taste of the cake will be as stable as regular cakes without eggs. It is suitable for all ages of people. Primarily, the eggless cake becomes the highlight in kid celebrations. 

Are you looking for a fun-filled cake for the kid? Customized cakes are also available without the egg. You can go with it. You can place an order on cake online and align cake delivery in Allahabad for your beloved ones on their doorstep. Surely this cake will enthrall your kid and the guest that you expected. Surf online to add more sparkles to the customized cake with your ideas.

Premium Cake

Premium cakes are nothing but the occasional cake. It will be available on global occasions. For instance, you can find varieties of colorful cakes online during valentine’s week. It can turn the day into a memorable and miraculous one for the iconic people. Before aligning an online cake order in Allahabad, instruct about the delivery time to avoid delay. Premium cakes are a perfect gift for Valentine’s Day and make the receiver feel special and fall in love again with their person.

Sugar-Free cake

You may guess why cakes are baked without sugar once you see the name tag. Yes, it is suitable for aged people to enjoy the party without worrying about their health issues. Almost all elders avoid eating eatables that are sugar and spice. The texture and taste of the cake are never compromised for the sugarless feature.

During the occasion of father’s day, mother’s day, grandparent’s day, and respective days send cake online to make your elder ones feel special and happy for tasting wonderful cake. It will satisfy their taste buds and make them satisfied for tasting the cake without any embarrassment.

Photo Cake

It is one of the successful models in the customized cake. A noticeable feature is that you can customize it with a favorite picture to surprise the person. It is available in different varieties. Depending on the size of the order the image will be customized in the cake. 

You can purchase this cake model online from any baker in Allahabad. You can order online cakes in Allahabad and send them to Chennai or anywhere. Its soft texture and appearance will never get spoiled though you arrange for long-distance delivery. Photo cakes come with a range of assortments like candy cakes and others. 

Fruit Cake

Finally, people’s curiosity about tasting the cake in fruit flavor becomes true. Gone are the decades when people got used to tasting the fruit flavor. Nowadays, it is a boon for people to order cake online and receive that on the same-day, expected time on their doorstep. It will tickle their fruit taste interest and taste it at the time. Fruit cakes of mango, kiwi, lemon, and others are majorly selling online. 

Angel Nuts Cake

Not all cakes are baked of cream, bread, and flourless. Some cakes are baked with nuts and healthy fruits. On the list, Angel nuts cake is a special one to celebrate the occasion of father’s day and mother’s day. It comes with a soft texture and deep cake flavor mixed with nuts. Eating this nut cake will satisfy their better digestion, weight loss, and other health benefits. Make them surprised by sending an unexpected cake delivery to their doorstep.

Fresh-Cream cakes

The craze for fresh cream cakes in current days is increasing in everyone’s minds. Fresh cream cakes of black-forest, white-forest, butterscotch, and many flavors are available. It will be loved even by a kid to an elder without any age bar. Its frosted spongy layers and lip-smacking taste make people attracted to it. So, people look for fresh cakes online for almost every occasion. 

Seasonal Cakes/Theme cakes

It is not easy to surprise everyone with pre-designed cakes. Seasonal/theme cakes will help to entice the beloved one. It is available in different models and flavors that are searched highly for seasonal times. For instance, the plum cake will be available during the Christmas season. Buy any theme cakes online and send online cake delivery to your loved one’s doorstep.

Final Thoughts

Such mouth-watering cakes are listed before to entice your loved one. Think it will be grateful for the magnificent cake that is suitable for the celebration and its theme. Do research well about the cake supplier and the website services before placing an order on the cake. Instruct the details to send cake delivery to Allahabad. It helps you avoid delivery problems at the last minute and convey your wishes the way you expected.


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