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RO Service Near Me

Life on our planet exists due to this universal solvent. Around 70% of the earth’s surface consists of water, but most are not suitable for human consumption.
Consuming purified water is very important in your daily routine. The quality of health relies on the amount and quality of water you drink regularly. People who fail to drink an ample amount of water usually suffer from dehydration, fatigue, constipation, kidney stones, to name a few. RO Service Near Me In Hyderabad is providing you the best quality of water purifier service.

Why is essential to purify the RO water?

The source to purify water is very important because it suggests water quality and its effect on your body. The tap water coming to our home is very unfit for drinking and purpose.
Around one lakh people die in India because of water-borne diseases per year. There is no good planning and treatment of drinking water, leaving only one option is to use water purification at your homes and other places.

Water that may look very clear can contain some dangerous impurities and pollutants that can make you seriously ill.

Therefore it is very obvious that we should only drink purified water. The easiest and most reliable water purification method is using a good quality water filter. This blog will discuss some different alternative ways to purify water for drinking.

Methods to Purify RO Drinking Water

Filtering the water you consume does not need a lot of issues; here are some easy methods to do this.

1. Boiling
This is the easiest method that anyone can do. If you are home and using municipal tap water for cooking or drinking, you must boil it at a high temperature. Boiling kills all the microorganisms like viruses, parasites, and bacteria available in the water. You should not forget to cool the water before you use it.
2. Chlorination
Liquid chlorine could be efficiently used to purify water before drinking. You should always check the concentration of chlorine used with an adequate amount of water for better results. It should never exceed the water portion to be treated. The only disadvantage of this process is that it will leave a rather abnormal smell and sore taste for you.

3. Filtration

It is one of the most effective methods of purifying water. It involves diverse chemical and physical methods to purify water and make it safe for our consumption. Filtration greatly helps remove both large compounds and small, dangerous contaminants, threatening human health.
4. Distillation
IIn this procedure, you have to warm the water at its lower boiling point and accumulate the fresh and pure form as it vaporizes. This vapor is connected to a condenser, and in turn, the water is collected for drinking purposes. It sounds like an authentic method, but the main disadvantage is that it is a slow method for filtration. It destroys bacteria and germs, but also it is an expensive thing.
5. Water Purifier
You may know this type of purifier as its availability in most households. When you use the correct purifier at home, it would directly affect your health. There are some filters available in the market, and we would recommend you to go for RO purifiers that are best suited for the home. You can use RO water purifier and for its regular service, you can contact to RO service Hyderabad.

6. Filtration through Clay Vessels

In some parts of India and other countries, clay vessels are suitable for storing and filtering water. A highly porous clay pot or vessel could filter muddy water. Clay vessels are considered good for bringing out the purity in water.
7. Reverse Osmosis
In the past, RO water purification was mostly used for industrial and commercial purposes. But RO purification has become the most reliable and well-known technique for filtration of drinking water in homes. Reverse Osmosis is a method that pushes water through a semi-permeable membrane to remove contaminants. You can go for Aquaguard RO service Hyderabad for efficient service.
8. Water Purification Tablets
The primary composition of these tablets would be either chlorine dioxide or iodine. They destroy so many bacteria, microorganisms that could be present in water. You have to leave it for 30 minutes to filter the water. Though these tablets can leave an unpleasant taste and odor to the water. Above all, they aren’t that successful in eliminating the chemical components present in water. So yes, it’s not a method that is 100% approved for purifying drinking water.

9. Solar Distillation

The water is heated up using the sun’s heat in this method. As the water evaporates due to the heat, the pure form of water is collected and used for drinking uses.
10. Iodine
This chemical substance is known to kill the bacteria and viruses available in your water. It is a powerful disinfectant and is also more effective than filtration. Yes, you heard us right. But iodine-treated water might leave an undesirable taste in your mouth.
11. UV Purification
In this purification method, the water is exposed to UV light, and it works in a way to kill the DNA of the microorganism or the bacteria so that they do not breed any further. But this procedure does not work when it comes to eliminating heavy metals and physical impurities from the water.


Some of the techniques mentioned above are outdated and might not seem practical, but we have included them on this list for knowledge. But you can use them in circumstances where no other choice is left. And if you have availability to a modern-day water purifier, nothing better than that.
If you are even consuming the groundwater or municipal tap water without any filtration process, then you are putting your and your family’s health at huge risk. You should begin using a good-quality water purifier from today only. Kent RO Service In Hyderabad is getting very wide in the field of RO Service.


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