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The quality of bedding should never be underestimated, as it not only gives the bedroom some charm but also creates the conditions for quality sleep. We spend almost a third of our lives in bed, so this part of life should not be forgotten. High-quality bedding lasts a long time and gets even better over the years. The difficulty lies in the fact that it is necessary to take into account many factors when choosing it – from the number of threads to the fabric itself and, of course, its appearance.

Why you need to know the density of the weave

This refers to the number of horizontal and vertical yarns per square centimeter of fabric. For example, if there is a 200KN mark on the fabric, that means there are 200 threads per 1 square cm of fabric. The quality of the fabric, the weight, the durability, and the air permeability depend on the density of the weave. But that’s not the only factor you need to know when choosing a good bed.

Yarn quality

Yarn quality is another important factor. The higher the quality of the yarns and the lower the density, the softer and more delicate the fabric is and the easier it is to wash it from fabrics with low-quality yarns and high weaving density. Always aim for a weave density of 200, this will provide a better quality bedding that is more durable.

Weaving quality

Weaving also affects the quality of the fabric and its appearance. Two of the most popular textiles are satin and sock. Satin has a smoother and more uniform surface thanks to its tight weave, which means that the top layer of yarn runs over many other weave levels. The better the yarn, the stronger the fabric will be. Percale is not as smooth as satin, it is based on a very simple weave.

Advantages of cotton fabric

Cotton is a cool, absorbent, and accessible material. The cotton fabric is breathable, easy to wash, quite durable, and suitable for the whole family. Egyptian cotton is probably one of the most luxurious materials and therefore very expensive. It is distinguished by quality, durability, durability, and, at the same time, tenderness and softness. But do not think that any cotton fabric from Egypt has such properties. It sells high-quality fabric and low-quality fabric, as in any other country. It does not matter where the cotton comes from, it does matter what the quality is.

Mixed bed linen

If you want “we did not bite” bed linen, then choose polyester, ie cotton with synthetic polyester yarns. Bed linen from such a fabric is ideal for busy people who prefer a fabric that is easy to use. It is pleasant to the touch, dries quickly, and does not wrinkle much, therefore, it is suitable for large families and where parents work hard. To buy a high-quality fabric, you should choose one whose weave is not less than 180 KN, this will give the fabric strength and durability. Choose a multi-story building with a high percentage of cotton in the composition.

Love for flax

Linen is a great choice for bedding, especially in hot areas: the fabric is breathable and hygroscopic. It is a wear-resistant and durable natural material. Buy 100% linen fabric. Natural linen wrinkles a bit, it is rough, but that is its advantage. With each wash, the linen fabric improves and the linen is ironable. If you have bought bedding, it is recommended that you wash it before using it for the first time, as this will soften the fabric. In addition, there are various types of washing for linen, such as regular washing and boiling. Linen looks great on the inside, especially bleached.

Silk bed linen

Natural silk bedding is considered hypoallergenic. Silk linens are warm in winter and cool in summer. Silk is a more sensitive material than cotton or linen and does not irritate sensitive skin. In addition, it is not able to absorb the epithelial particles that naturally remain in bed after sleep, and does not electrify the hair. The only downside is that this is a very thin fabric that requires special care, especially when washing.

Silk selection

It is recommended to choose silk from mulberry strands, as this is the softest silk with a weight of 17 m / m (Japanese unit of weight). It is impossible not to say that such a fabric is very expensive, but silk bed linen will serve you forever ..

How to choose the perfect fabric

We must remember that both decoration and linen are chosen at the same time. The choice depends on what the bedroom will look like and how well you sleep. 100% cotton is different from cotton or linen. For example, if you want to create a relaxing Scandinavian atmosphere in your room, then choose linens. If you can not afford high-quality fabric, choose a weave density of at least 600KN.


Take care of your bedding, pillows, blankets, and mattresses. Since during sleep our skin leaves epithelial particles in the bed, which is a completely natural process, it is necessary to carefully protect the pillows and mattresses and change the bed every week to prevent the multiplication of bacteria that cause lung and skin diseases. Different types of fabrics require different approaches and washing methods, follow the instructions. If we can simply wash cotton and linen in a washing machine and dry in a centrifuge, then silk only requires hand washing and outdoor drying. We offer you to understand in more detail the advantages of linen and make the right choice.




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