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‘Unity in Diversity’ – Vincent Smith famously said while summing up his experience in India. This diversity is prominent not only in natural landscapes but also in other aspects from religions, and architecture to culture and cuisines. Indian cuisines are very diverse and delicious at the same time, thanks to the great spices used while cooking.

The aromatic flavor of a colorful variety of quality spices contributes to the intense taste of Indian dishes. India is widely known as the motherland of thousands of spices used throughout the globe. The distinct flavor and high quality are the signatures of the best Indian spices which are now easily available at online grocery stores.

Let’s explore spices in India

Masala or spices are among the main ingredients in Indian dishes. However, all dishes don’t use all spices. If two delicacies use the same set of spices, the difference in respective proportion lends to their unique flavor. Spices add not only flavor but also color to the dishes, with a marriage of both features making the delicacies most tempting to taste.

Spices being the main essence of Indian dishes, even the slightest difference in proportion could bring a heavy change in taste. A fine blending of spices is very important to ensure the authentic aroma and taste of Indian cuisines. Even some sweet dishes whipped up at Indian kitchens also use spices to make them more flavorsome and yummy.

Usually, most Indian housewives use powdered spices bought from the market. However, some prefer buying the whole spices and grinding them in their kitchens. Of the most used organic Indian spices, turmeric, chilly, coriander, cumin, phenol, cardamom, peepers, mustard, fenugreek, and asafetida deserve a mention. However, these are only a few to name from thousands of spices used throughout the country.

Buy online Indian spices 

Demand for buy online Indian spices is not only limited to this country. These spices find a great market even outside of India. As spices available in India are famous worldwide, these are exported to different parts of the world to whip up different exotic cuisines. The authentic tastes of these spices last for three months, after which, they lose their flavor.

Whole vs Powdered

Expert chefs always suggest that to make dishes tastier, one should use whole spices. This is because; the whole spices are fresh in flavor and so are better alternatives to their powdered variations. Best Indian spices are narrowly categorized under four heads, with each zone having its own unique spices.


Some people do not prefer spicy food and are more in favor of a plain and healthy diet. However, that never means dishes prepared for health-conscious food connoisseurs do not use spices at all. However, the spices are used in little amounts to flatter the palate of these people.

The chefs use another technique to lessen the taste of chilly in these less spicy dishes. They take out the chilies’ seeds and then use them in food preparation. The intrinsic spices burst out only after cooking oil is added to the pan.


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