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Healthcare data integration is transforming medicine and big data technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and others are making an impact. Let’s cover the healthcare data integration companies.

Data from electronic health records paired with the ability to share, collect and analyze data from a variety of sources. The cloud has opened up a world of possibilities for improving medicine, patient care, and healthcare delivery.

As a result, many businesses are leveraging the big data revolution to improve human health around the globe.

What do healthcare companies achieve?

For pharma companies:

Randomized clinical trials are costly to run and ineffective in detecting rare occurrences, heterogeneous treatment effects, or long-term outcomes. Pharmaceutical businesses use healthcare analytics to find these connections.

On the other hand, inferring causal relationships can be challenging since data can be easily misread to make unrelated elements appear interdependent.

For hospitals:

  • Reducing costs
  • Reducing the cost of analytics by building an easy-to-use analytics platform
  • Identifying and preventing anomalies such as fraud
  • Automating external and internal reporting
  • Improving patient outcomes
  • Clinical decision support

Here are innovative healthcare data integration companies:


In just a few clicks, intely allows healthcare practitioners and organizations to interact with other digital health products and patients.

intely lowers the barrier to entry into the healthcare market for Digital Health products, providers, patients, and developers by breaking down technological hurdles.

Intely’s easy-to-use, secure platform makes it easier to grow, integrate, and automate workflows for better interoperability. We create many integration platforms and as well applications that help patients easily.


Informatica provides the following data integration products: Informatica Platform (PowerCenter, Power Exchange, Data Services, Data Replication, Advanced-Data Transformation, Ultra Messaging, B2B Data Transformation, and Data Integration Hub).

Vibe Data Stream, Informatica Cloud Integration, Iron Cloud Platform, Big Data Management, Intelligent Data Lake, Intelligent Streaming, Enterprise Information Catalogue, and Informatica Data Preparation, Data Integration Hub, and Informatica Data Preparation.


Cerner is on a goal to integrate technology across all disciplines to transform the existing medical framework. It is one of the most advanced data analytics companies in the world, with offices in several major economies.

Cerner is a computer and information technology supplier based in the United States. Neal Patterson launched the company in 1979. The company’s most well-known product is health informatics software.


Epic is on a mission to provide world-class healthcare data solutions to its customers. In the healthcare industry, it has achieved many significant milestones.

It has earned a place among the top players in the healthcare data analytics industry as a result of its innovative methodologies.

Health Catalyst:

Health Catalyst draws on the combined knowledge of its founders to provide the best data analytics solutions. It is one of the most adaptable brands among healthcare data analytics firms.

Health Catalyst was established in 2008 and is based in Utah, United States. Bryan Hinton is the company’s, Chief Technology Officer. It was founded by a group of veterans with extensive experience in data warehousing and quality improvement.


Prognos at the forefront of increasing business analytics to help medical facilities enhance their operations. It was founded to provide the best data analytics solutions to healthcare providers all around the world.

Since its start, the company has been translating diagnostic and transactional data into insight-ready information thanks to its industry-leading approach.

Flatiron Health:

Flatiron Health is collaborating with hospitals, researchers, and physicians. Throughout the country to use big data and its cloud-based software platform to battle cancer.

The New York-based start-up was launched in 2012 to bolster the economy. According to a press release from Flatiron Health, its oncology cloud software platform will help doctors speed personalized therapy.

Flatiron Assist, new clinical decision support, and pathways tool is their most recent innovation. According to Oncology, the qualities should aid cancer researchers in their job. It also locates clinical studies that may be of interest to the patient.

The technology extracts demographics, diagnoses, and cancer-specific data from the electronic record and offers treatment alternatives. It is based on the guidelines and practice choices of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network.


Meditech creates EHRs to make practitioners’ interactions with patients easier and more effective. Instead, by obstructing human connection, we create technology that facilitates it.

Meditech aspires to contribute to a world in which every patient has access to their medical records and can take an active role in their care. We believe in having fast access to records, expertise, and data.

It will enable healthcare organizations to serve their communities more quickly and safely. EMR and Patient Accounting & Patient Management solution for community hospitals.

As well as the top home health EHR for enterprises with 1-200 average daily census, for the seventh year in a row in 2021. For major hospitals and large ambulatory offices.


We’re a leading healthcare solutions company with a mission to make the lives of doctors and their patients better. We assist ambulatory care providers and the communities they serve.

Ambulatory and specialized offices of all sizes can benefit from our comprehensive, integrated technology and services platform. We’re happy to help practices of all sizes offer the healthcare of tomorrow by supporting healthier populations, fostering integrated, collaborative care.


Drchrono was formed in 2009 by Michael Nusimow and Daniel Kivatinos. Two laser-focused inventors who first-hand experienced the hardships of the present healthcare system. While assisting family members through serious diagnoses.

As a result, they became resolved to eliminate the administrative hurdles that sap time, energy, and passion from today’s providers’ work. Resulting in a future where every provider and patient may thrive.


With day-to-day technology management assistance and cloud technologies, Medhost directly improves your health IT delivery and HIPAA security. Avoid upfront hardware capital costs, find cost-effective options and give your facility more growth-focused flexibility.

Your system and software applications can be completely controlled and maintained by highly skilled personnel over a secure high-speed connection with Medhost direct.


A new Athenahealth was founded in 2019, bringing together two healthcare technology firms with decades of experience: Athenahealth, Inc. and Virence Health.

We have a large, nationwide footprint because of our combined technology, analysis, skills, and customer base. That’s why we’re in a unique position to unlock and analyze healthcare data from throughout the country.


Frost & Sullivan has awarded Allscripts a 2019 best practices award for its population health management solutions. Allscripts “pioneered the concept of open connected platform architecture.

It is fuelled by a real-time application programming interface (API) that seamlessly merges diverse medical information. To find best practices in the sector, industry analysts evaluate market participants.

It measures performance through in-depth interviews, analysis, and extensive secondary research.


Many modern technologies, such as cloud, mobile, and next-generation databases, are designed to combine and disseminate vital data securely. It is capable of dealing with today’s data issues.

intely’s IT experts are ready to provide your healthcare company with the agility it requires.


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