Toot Siyah

What is the best herbal medicine for cough (toot siyah)? What is the best medicine for coughs? And what is the best medicine for cold sores? These are only some of the questions you may have in mind if you are planning to buy any medicine made of herbs. This article will help you understand the use and benefits of herbs, how to choose them, and the common side effects associated with them.

Medicines for Cough

Black cohosh and evening primrose are two herbs (toot siyah) that can provide relief from cough and other symptoms. Both these herbs have powerful medicinal properties. Black cohosh has been used for centuries to treat many types of conditions, especially chronic ailments and infections such as those caused by viruses. Its natural ingredients have made it very useful in the treatment of respiratory tract disorders. It works well to relieve symptoms due to rhinitis and sinusitis.

Evening primrose oil has been known to reduce cold symptoms as well as treat sore throats. However, there are also reports about side effects and irritability occurring with evening primrose oil. It should not be taken by pregnant women and nursing mothers. As with other herbal medicines, there are some precautions to follow before using them. If you have asthma, lung disease, kidney disease, or stomach problems, you should not use it.


Ginger is one of the most popularly used herbal medicine for cough (toot siyah) and colds. This has a unique therapeutic effect. It increases the efficiency of air exchange and eases inflammation. This also treats respiratory infections such as strep throat and bronchitis. Some people who suffer from chronic bronchitis use ginger for relief.

For those who suffer from sore throats and chest infections, Cayenne can be very helpful. It improves the function of the lungs and minimizes lung congestion. The efficacy of homeopathic medicines and cough medicine set out in favor of Cayenne pepper as the best medicine. It is also a very safe herb to use because it is basically harmless to the lungs.

Symptoms of cold and cough

To get rid of the symptoms of cold and cough (toot siyah), you should know how to treat them. One effective way is to give your little one supplements of vitamin C, B, A, or zinc. All of these vitamins strengthen the body and help in the fight against colds and coughs. It would also be helpful to start eating a lot of citrus fruits. Citrus fruits can improve your immunity system.

If you want to prevent recurrent cough and cold, it would be advisable to follow a good sleep and rest schedule. A little quantity of milk can also help. Milk helps in maintaining the ph level of the body and soothes irritations and rids the respiratory tract of mucus. It would be a good idea to keep your little one near you at all times so that he/she is constantly reminded about the need to take care of his/her respiratory health.

Exhibit signs of a cold or cough

If your little one is starting to exhibit signs of a cold or cough, it would be best to seek medical attention. A homeopathy is an excellent form of treatment, but it must always be supervised by a medical professional. Several herbal medicines can cure your cold and cough. However, if you choose to use medicines based on homeopathy, it is important to consult your physician. Herbal medicines can interact with other medications and may cause adverse effects.

Cold sores usually develop in people whose immune system has been compromising. To treat a cold sore, you can apply ice to the affected area of the skin for around fifteen minutes and follow up with a vapor rub. Rub ice around the cold sores for around five to ten minutes and then wash your hands afterward. Cough can worsen the condition if it blocks the nasal passage and causes mucus to build up. When this happens, the only way to get out of this state is through fluid inhalation.

Herbal medications

Herbal medications have many ways of treating cough and also many ways of preventing it from recurring. Peppermint oil can be use to ease spasms associated with coughing. Chamomile tea can help to soothe congestion. Rosemary oil can treat irritations that occur in the throat. Sage tea is extremely good at treating influenza and common colds.

Lemon balm is a very good cough suppressant and also treats common colds (toot siyah). Lemon balm can be took as a tea or in a compress. It has many ways of treating common colds. To relieve cough, boil some lemons or lemon balm and add some honey and little ice and inhale the steam for around 10 minutes. This is one of the best herbal medicine for coughs that are know to have very few side effects.


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