It can be difficult to gain a YouTube audience. You’re competing against established channels on a marketplace where 400 hours of video are posted every minute. However, if done correctly, best music video marketing services you can achieve incredible results. One of our flowkey affiliates, Peter PlutaX, started from the ground up and today has over 2.8 million subscribers. In this post, we’ll look at how to grow a YouTube musician channel using tried-and-true strategies utilised by channels like Peter PlutaX. We’ll look at what each of your films should accomplish, as well as how to attract viewers to your channel, keep them engaged, and maintain consistency as you create more videos.

Make yourself useful to your audience

This is the most important aspect. Give the viewer something worthwhile, and they will return for more. There are a few video formats that garner a lot of attention. Covers. Popular songs attract greater attention and potential followers. Keep it current and consider the occasion, such as Christmas tunes for Christmas and love songs for Valentine’s Day. Tutorials. Step-by-step instructions for songs or the music theory you just learned. Composing, improvisation, and similar activities. Behind-the-scenes. This is where you reveal part of your personality while also revealing your process. What software you use, how you wrote an arrangement, your particular tips and tactics, and so on. You are not obligated to follow them. Daniel Thrasher creates amusing music videos.

Have a distinct appearance and feel

Consider the best way to communicate with your target audience. Will you address the camera straight or would you rather not expose your face? Consider whether you want your channel to be lighthearted, serious, artistic, or depressing. Keep it constant and genuine to yourself. These choices will shape your unique YouTube “persona.” Even though the subject is different each time, each video should feel familiar. Take a look at these four video thumbnails from different popular YouTube channels; you can already tell that each one has its own YouTube personality.

Make sure the technical aspects are correct

Videos that look and sound excellent make watching them more enjoyable. It may appear daunting at first, but there are a few tools that can help. Camera. A mirrorless or DSLR camera will help you create great films if you can afford to spend a few hundred dollars or euros. If you’re on a budget, though, a smartphone or webcam with high-quality video would suffice. Microphone. For roughly 150 dollars or euros, you can acquire a nice “studio” or “condenser” microphone. Models that connect directly via USB and come in packs with other accessories can be found by searching online. Gimbal or tripod? This helps to steady your camera and allows you to take better pictures.

Make it simple to find you

Two criteria determine where you appear in YouTube’s search results. How closely your video’s metadata (title, description, keywords) matches the user’s search query. How did your video engage viewers? (likes, comments, watch time). Because there are so many other mystery elements at play, “gaming” the YouTube algorithm is difficult. A quick Google search for “YouTube SEO” (Search Engine Optimization) can yield a wealth of information, however there are a few easy, reliable options:

Use appropriate hashtags. You are permitted 15 characters in the description, with the first three appearing above the video title on YouTube.

Make your own video description. Only the first three lines are SEO-relevant, but this is also where you should insert your keywords.

To keep people interested after the video has ended

Add the final screens. Your film kept the audience’s interest until the very end, which is fantastic. You’re now in charge of their next move. End screens with attractive graphics are one method to accomplish this. Make video playlists and series. Autoplaying the next video in a series or playlist is another strategy to keep people on your channel. They must flow naturally into one another in order for viewers to remain engaged and not click away to another video. Persuade viewers to become subscribers. Request that people subscribe and click the small notification bell to be notified whenever you post a new video. More subscribers implies your videos will get more organic views. It’s called social proof: we’re more likely to do something if others are doing it.

Keep folks interested

One of the two key criteria that propels you up the YouTube search rankings is user involvement (likes, comments, and watch time). Starting a conversation with viewers and making them feel valued is the best method to keep them interested. In the comments, invite users to suggest video subjects. It gives your visitors a sense of involvement in the process and is an excellent approach to develop ideas. Use the comments to communicate. This includes like and responding to comments on your videos as well as under your Community tab. Always remember to be friendly. Use the tab Community. When you don’t have a new post to promote, this is a terrific approach to keep users engaged, similar to a social media feed. Repost old videos, goods, or whatever else you want.



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