In the digitalized world, hybrid app platforms play the most vital role in balancing the web development cycle and user experience. But do you know how to develop hybrid apps for your business?

React Native is a popular choice that develops complex hybrid and cross-platform apps. It is the best-known name as it offers a natural user experience with its advanced features. Its popularity has also led several businesses to choose React Native app development companies.

Likewise, Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2021 states that RN (React Native) ranked 6th with 14.51% of respondents’ votes. It also gained the 5th position professionally with 16.48%. And of course, React Native app is the most loved product among tools, libraries, and frameworks.

If you look closely, a new version of RN, React Native 0.66, was launched. It is delightfully compatible with Android 12 and iOS 15 and features fixes and general updates.

So how will you know the current state of React Native?

Well, it is no doubt that in 2022 React Native is still alive and will shine in the coming years.

React Native is still the best choice for many businesses as it offers a hybrid, cross-platform app experience to the customers.

If you are thinking of hiring React Native Developers, this blog is perfect. Here, we tried to present to you the importance, trend, and state of React Native in 2022. Also, we have focused on the areas that make React Native a popular choice for businesses.

Why is cross-platform app development so popular? 

There is no doubt that cross-platform, hybrid, and native apps are ruling the world. But why this app’s framework is demanded vastly? Before knowing the state of React Native, it is vital to comprehend the same. So let’s begin with the blog.

Native app development refers to creating an app that runs on only a single platform likewise OS. It includes its advantages but can be costly.

On the other hand, cross-platform app development is developing apps that run on all operating systems. Hence, it benefits individuals with a profession-looking, cost-effective mobile app that smoothly operates on iOS and Android platforms.

It is why cross-platform comes into play and empowers popularity.

Now you must be thinking, there are several platforms to develop cross-platform apps, then why React Native?

We will discuss the roleplay of React Native in the following section.

Why React Native? 

React Native is an open-source Javascript framework that enables developers to build beautiful, unique, and performant cross-platform mobile apps. It offers several advantages to developers. Likewise, unlike REact, RN also includes the same principles like hot reloading, component-based structure, and a good ecosystem. The vast community of React Native also allows developers to discuss major problems for further solutions.

How does React Native work? 

React Native indulges a simple and unique workspace for developing an application. One of the biggest pros of React Native is it renders the application UI with native views. Whereas, it includes other tools like Cordova to generate the HTML for the UI. So on, it renders the same inside the WebView.

Under the hood, it bridges the communication gap by performing the Javascript thread and UI changes accordingly. It is like a hierarchy tree where every single leaf needs a render. With a proper focus from the React Native developers, it develops the fastest running apps with 60 FPS.

Top Trends of React Native you should check

As per the Statista report, the mobile app market is booming with a revenue of $581.9 billion in 2022. Moreover, experts are assuming that by 2023, revenue will skyrocket to $1 trillion per year. The reports further state the lucrative demand for mobile apps.

Let’s discuss the React Native App development 2022 trends in detail:

  • BlockChain- Blockchain technology has revolutionized the world and significantly transformed the mobile software domain. Blockchain development offers the highest level of security and quality integrity. As react native is the sought-after framework, mobile application developers find it and blockchain like a great combination. It opens up several new paths for mobile application development.
  • IoT- Another react native app development trend is IoT (Internet of Things). As per the business insider, in 2019, there were 8 billion IoT devices, but in 2027 it will turn to more than 41 billion devices. The more the number of smartphones owned will increase the more the demand for IoT devices will also increase. With the advancement, many developers feel that RN is the best framework to build IoT on other devices.
  • Instant Apps- React Native developers build instant apps effectively. Also, it doesn’t keep users waiting for downloads. These are fast-performing apps and do not use the device memory as well. The instant apps are facing higher user engagement offering profitable stronger engagement, quick installation, and monetization.
  • Augmented and Virtual Reality- Augmented reality or AR allows computer simulations to interact with the human world. Virtual Reality (VR) on the other hand, imitates the virtual world that seems real. React Native can perform coding for all mobile VR and AR platforms. It is trending as it allows customers to immerse completely in the simulated reality.
  • 5G networks- The world is changing, and the internet connection quality is also playing great ways in mobile and web application development. The fact is that 70% of wireless provider users are transferring to the new generation. Also, they will continue to grow still 2023. The 5G adoption has made app development and deployment easy. People can also download 8K videos with the help of 5 networks. In a nutshell, it is the future of mobile software.

Is React Native still performant in 2022 and beyond? 

Yes, RN is still performant in 2022 and beyond. With the high efficiency and working culture, it is fulfilling everyone’s expectations. Also, in recent years it introduced Fabric, other native modules, and New API. The advantages are also prominent, likewise:

  • It offers Amazing mobile app performance
  • Rich User Interface is well-performed
  • Performs Quick application development
  • These apps are simple and easy to maintain

Apart from the technology, the RN talent pool is also rising. Due to its benefits, many businesses also choose React Native development services. The reports also say that in the upcoming years, there will be an increase in demand for RN.


Hence the above information clearly states that React Native is the popular choice among all. It is a trending framework in 2022 and will continue its popularity in the upcoming years. Despite the trending fact, many people get scammed and confused while choosing a React Native development company. As the market is big, there is a chance for people to get scammed. So, it is vital to select the best company.

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