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Keeping your car in top shape requires some effort, but you don’t have to be a mechanical guru to keep it well-maintained.  The key aspect for ensuring maximum performance of your car is being aware of what needs to be done and how often. More often than not, drivers tend to overlook the car’s minor calls of attention, leading to the gradual degradation of its performance.

To ensure that your car runs smoothly for a longer period, you have to know the basics of your car’s parts and their maintenance routine. Additionally, this will also save you from expensive repairs along the way.

The additional bonus of proving the good maintenance of your car is that you can ask for a higher sum of money while putting your cars for sale in Tanzania. In this blog, we have listed down a complete maintenance checklist that will ensure the optimal condition of your vehicle.

Car Parts Checklist for Inspection

Transmission System

The transmission system of a car is its behind-the-scenes workforce. The smooth changing of gears and the seamless driving experience are all thanks to a well-functioning transmission system. However, if it is compromised, then you’re in for costly car maintenance.

Transmission fluid is a key factor ensuring the efficiency of the transmission system. Whether you drive a manual or automatic vehicle, it is important that you have the transmission fluid checked and replaced when necessary.

Shocks and Suspensions

One of the best things you can do for a smooth and comfortable driving experience is keeping the car’s suspensions in top-notch condition. The better the car’s suspensions are, the more they can help the car from recovering when it comes in contact with uneven surfaces, broken roads, and pot-holes.

Firm springs and shock-absorbers will make a stark difference and offer a seamless driving experience on all surfaces. However, one can notice that the suspensions of their car have become loose and need some repair when their entire car shakes on an uneven surface. If this issue is overlooked, then your driving experience will more likely feel as if you are on a bumpy road.

If your car is beyond tuning, then you can visit our website and put your car for sale in Tanzania.

Coolant Fluid

Coolant fluid helps your engine to cool down and function properly. Changing the coolant fluid regularly will ensure that it is free of contaminants and the radiator is filled to the right level. You can contact your manufacturer to properly replace the coolant fluid.

Spark Plugs

Spark plug power your vehicle by igniting the gas and air mixture. Therefore, it is one of the major parts of your car that will be inspected for maximum performance. If you feel as if your engine is slowing down or is not running at its full capacity, then you should get those spark plugs checked by a professional.

Serpentine Belt

The serpentine belt may seem like a piece of rubber, but it plays an important role in keeping the car running by powering up devices like the alternator, air conditioner compressor, etc. In addition, this belt can be inspected without any professional help- you just have to look for any wear and tear and replace it with a new one if there is one.

Battery Performance

One of the major components of your car engine is the battery, as it provides a large amount of current to kick start your vehicle. Unfortunately, extremely hot weather severely affects the battery’s life expectancy, and extreme cold affects its performance, so its regular inspection will ensure that it runs perfectly for a longer period. If your car is beyond repair then just head to our website and get cars for sale in Tanzania for affordable prices.

Tire Alignment and Balancing

The alignment of wheels impacts the overall performance of the driving experience, stability, and the ability of the steering wheel to return to its normal state and helps reduce the wear on tires and improve the performance of the car while taking a turn.

The misalignment of the wheel damages the suspension, steering, and brakes by imposing stress on the systems and thus reducing their ability to perform at full capacity. Therefore, one of the most important reasons one should get proper wheel alignment of their vehicles is safety.

Wheel balancing utilizes the technique where each tire of the car is spun together by special machinery that checks whether both tires are of the same weight or not. If there is a difference, then the mechanic will add lead weights to the lighter area of the car through bonding cement. These weights can be added either to one concentrated area or in different places to balance it.

Air Filter

Air filter improves the fuel efficiency of your car. However, if there is black smoke coming out of your vehicle, then that means that the air filter is clogged. A quick replacement of the filter will be enough. However, if the problem remains, that could mean any of these few things, such as a leaky fuel injector or a malfunctioning pressure regulator.

Tire Pressure

Give your tires a thorough inspection now, and then check their pressure before any long trips to ensure that your car runs smoothly. A pressure gauge at any gas station will be able to tell you if your car needs more pressure or not.

Indicators, Head and Tail Lights

It is important that the head, tail, and turning lights of the car are well-functioning. It can be very easy to overlook them. So when you put your cars for sale in Tanzania, make sure that these small things work properly.


Keeping your brakes in the best possible condition is imperative to your safety. So it is without a doubt that if your brakes are not functioning to their optimal state or malfunctioning in some way, or are giving a delayed response, you should focus on upgrading your brakes.

Many drivers brag about how they can screech their cars to an abrupt stop at a very high speed in the shortest possible distances. However, this whole showing-off comes to an embarrassing end if you push your brakes to the limit beyond the factory standards.

Every driver should know that the brakes can lose their functionality over time if they abruptly hit the brakes at high speed. The best possible thing that you can do for your brakes to remain in good condition is avoiding the disc damaging the brake because if that happens, you will be in for hefty maintenance.


The best way to keep your car in the best shape possible is to maintain the general upkeep of the car. This means checking the car for any noises such as very whirring, clunky, and grinding noises.

This also includes checking the cars for any type of smoke or burning smell coming out of it. It also means that you should check the cars for any leaking fluids draining from the car and checking if the engine light is not malfunctioning.

While driving, you should be aware of all these oddities to ensure that your car is in its best possible condition and that you are treating it perfectly. You should give your car enough time to warm up before you start it after a long period. If you are tired of hefty maintenance costs, then trade your cars for sale in Tanzania through our website today.


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