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While your car rolls forward, do you ever wonder about the energy that makes it happen? The tyres are the only thing in direct contact with the road from your vehicle. So, they are responsible for the action occurring. But, the driving force is the fuel inside your car.

This shows that the rolling capacity of a car is in the hands of the fuel efficiency of the car. 

It must get indeed be true that Tyres Widnes with greater rolling resistance use more energy or fuel and vice versa. So, this shows that tyre are also accountable for your fuel efficiency and fuel usage in the vehicles.

Some of the tyres from the many brands in the market have the design to make them more fuel-efficient. They reduce your fuel consumption level and cost as well. And with the current scenario of fuel prices touching the high sky, these tyre are becoming more and more famous among UK drivers.

But, are these tyre really worth the money, when comes in the terms of other factors. Read on to find more about the tyre that are perfect for your car to save the maximum fuel possible.

What do you mean by the rolling resistance of tyres?

Tyres need some form of energy to push them forward or backwards and make them roll on the roadways. So, rolling resistance is that force that keeps your tyre moving in your required direction. It is derivable by the amount of friction in application to the car tyres that determines the amount of energy or fuel in consumption.

Having low rolling resistance shows that your tyre need less force to move forward. Which in return means that less fuel is in need.

Which tyres are fuel-efficient tyres?

There are some tyres, famous as fuel-efficient tyre or energy-saving tyre, that have the design to use less fuel or energy and maintain the tread pattern properly for a longer period of time. Their manufacturing process involves the usage of a special material crucial to limit the heat resistance on the roadways. This ultimately shows lesser fuel consumption level, lower fuel cost and lower rolling resistance too.

These tyre also have the feature to be more durable, and aerodynamic and have a tread design that gives better rolling efficiency too.

Identify the fuel-efficient tyres

You might not find any visual difference in the fuel-efficient tyre through naked eyes, but their features distinguish them apart from regular tyres. But, tyre should have a label on them that identifies their fuel efficiency.

And, it has been a compulsion to put on efficiency labels on tyres since 2012. This label states the below categories:

The fuel efficiency of the tyres or the rolling resistance of the tyre

The gripping capability of the tyre in the wet and slippery conditions

Noise coming out of the tyre while driving on them

Fuel-efficient tyre should have at least an A or B rating on them.

Tyre efficiency ratings

The efficiency ratings comprise the amount of energy in use or lost during the rolling action of a tyre. These rating values start from A and end at E, from the best to the worst.

How can fuel-efficient tyres save your fuel cost?

Energy-efficient or fuel-efficient tyres indeed help in reducing your fuel usage and finally the fuel cost too. Having an A-rated tyre can make a huge difference in the fuel cost. Fuel-efficient tyre will also help in reducing your carbon emissions and help the environment.

Best tips to save money on fuel 

Keep an eye on your tyre pressure level. Having irregular pressure levels can affect the fuel economy of your Continental Tyres Widnes a lot and can even decrease your fuel efficiency.

Examine all your tyres for uneven wear and tear regularly.

Sudden braking or accelerating should be minimum or near zero.

Regularly service and maintain your car.


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