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Does your child face teething trouble? Here are some key things that help to ease down the teething stage and keep them calm.

Teething is the most important and inevitable part of the kid’s development. However, it can be a nerve-wracking time for your toddler and parents too. Kids often struggle during the eruption of the first few teeth. No matter how hard the situation is, the fussy and irritated babies on teething can be hard to handle.

So, being parents, what can you do to make your baby calm and let them enjoy themselves? Here are some of the handy tips given by the dentistry for kids in Katy that will help handle your baby easily and keep them calm.

Tips to Follow When Teething Starts

The majority of the babies start teething when they are four to seven months old. However, some kids may start teeth a little earlier or later after seven months. No matter at what age they start teething, they all face discomfort at this time. So, here are some quick tips that will help you ease the pain they are suffering from.

  1. Gum Massage

Babies’ gums become sore, irritated, and painful when they are teething. So, kids usually suffer from a lot of pain and discomfort and sometimes wake up crying. Child dentistry Katy suggests giving them the cold gum massage with the help of the teething ring.

When giving your kid’s teeth massage, ensure that these teething rings are made from tuff plastic instead of gel-based. Moreover, store them in the refrigerator before you start giving them a massage. Also, make sure to give them a massage slowly on their gum region. This will help to ease down their irritation and soreness to an extent.

  1. Give Them Chew Toy

Teething is the most annoying process of baby development. It may make them annoyed and cry too. Their gums constantly feel irritated and sore. So, try to give them chewing toys and something hard to chew. However, make sure that it is not the hardest substance because it can destroy their gums.

Chewing toys can help to soothe their gums and reduce the discomfort they face at teething times. Moreover, it will help to make them calm and reduce gum irritation too.

If you don’t have any toy to give them for chewing, you can be their chew toy. You can give them your finger to chew. But do not forget to clean it before you put it into their mouth.

  1. Put Some Pressure on Their Gums

This is quite similar to chew toys, but it involves little pressure on their gums. Creating pressure on the gum can help to ease down the gum’s soring issues. Moreover, it will also help in reducing irritation too. Before you start, clean your hands and use your finger to pressure their gum region gently.

You can even start rubbing the gums region in a circular motion. Rubbing gums can provide relief to your kids from the teething discomfort and pain.

  1. Give Kids Cooling Treat

Sore gums are the most irritating thing for babies who are teething. Children’s pediatric dentistry Katy suggests giving your kids a cooling treat. The cooling sensation can give them relief from the pain and discomfort that happens to them.

For cooling sensation, you can use a washcloth. Keep the washcloth in the freezer for a few hours by soaking them in the water. It can serve a dual purpose; one creates a cooling sensation, and the second helps deal with the sore gums.

Use the chilled washcloth for their gum region and massage gently. It will help to ease down their irritating gums and keep them calm.

  1. Create Distraction

Teething discomfort is not something that comes and goes. It takes time to go and set back to normal. So, if you’re done with the above tricks, then try to create some distractions. This will help to pull babies’ attention and keep them busy. Noise distraction will further help in forgetting about the teething discomfort.

  1. Use Teething Medicines

If your baby still suffers from the discomfort and irritation from the teething, then you should visit the emergency pediatric dentist in Katy to get some teething medicines. Babies often juggle to sleep during teething days. So, proper medication can help to ease down their pain and give them relief for a while.

Over to You

Teething can cause a lot of discomfort to your kids. This is the most stressful time for parents and kids too. So, remember to follow these essential tips that help deal with the discomfort, pain, and irritation that occur to the kids due to teething.

Tips and Tricks to Make Teeth Hygiene More Fun with Kids

It is often difficult to maintain the health of the teeth of the kids. So, here are some tips and tricks that help maintain the teeth’ hygiene and make it enjoyable.

  1. Allow your kids to choose their favorite toothbrush and toothpaste. This will help to increase their interest in teeth cleaning.
  2. Let them choose their favorite flavourful toothpaste. In this way, they will like to use toothpaste to clean their teeth.
  3. Play games while cleaning their teeth. This will encourage them for teeth cleaning.
  4. Always reward your children after visiting a pediatric dentist in Katy. But do not award them sugary treats and try to give them some healthy foods or even a toy.
  5. Try to plan numerous activities so that you can take them to the dental visit easily.


Teeth cleaning is the foremost essential thing to have healthy smiles. So, these are the tips that help to maintain the health of your child’s teeth. In addition to this, if somehow, kids have cavities issues and constant plaque building issues, then do ensure to visit the pediatric dental specialist, Katy, to get earlier treatment and prevent them from further decay.

Give Healthy Diet to the Kids

According to the Katy Pediatric dentists, children who eat a lot of sugar-rich food and drink sugary drinks are prone to cavity issues. Hence, it is crucial to maintain a healthy diet for your kids and build a healthy eating habit.

Kids who eat a lot of sugar-rich food are at greater risk of gum and teeth diseases. So, do not let your child munch on the sugar. Also, if possible then avoid soda, sweetened drinks and fruit juices. Cut down to the oily and sugary snacks and meals.

In case they eat sugar, do ensure to brush their teeth after eating sugary food. Rinse their mouth after they eat sugar food. It will help to balance the acid and prevent them from the issue of tooth decay.

Chewing Gums for Teeth Strengthening

Kids above the age of eight years can use chewing gums to strengthen their teeth. In addition to this, it also provides several other benefits, which are as follows.

  • Increase the strength of the jaws
  • It improves the production of saliva, which in turn improves digestion.
  • It also helps to remove the stuck food within the teeth spaces
  • Reduce the bad breath from the mouth
  • It also helps to balance the acid inside the mouth, which can create tooth decay issues.

But, do ensure to use sugar-free chewing gums because the sugar gums can also lead to tooth decay. In addition to this, chewing gum is also helpful for doing face exercise as well.

Limit the Usage of Sippy Cups

Many parents use sippers to shift their kids from milk bottles to glass. However, they are not aware of the fact that sippers cups can also lead to tooth decay. Continually usage of sippers consisting of sugar drinks can decay your teeth from the back.

So, try to avoid the use of sippers and Sippy cups as much as you can. If you want to use them, try to limit the usage as it will help prevent tooth decay issues.



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