ways Virtual Events can boost Sales

As we move forward with the challenging times of COVID-19, digital events become more and more commonplace. Building your virtual events and hybrid event marketing and sales strategies while staying ahead of the curve without having a doubt, you must consider certain credentials that will promote your event online is something we all are dealing with lately.

After organisers began exploring the digital world, they found unique ways to expand their reach globally, generate new leads, double their revenue, and build powerful connections with like-minded people. However, you must consider certain credentials, while you are planning, marketing, and hosting your event online there are certain credentials that you must take into account. To know them all, we have assembled a list of 7 affordable, cutting-edge ways to help you generate awareness about your virtual event immersively while also appeal audiences to enroll at your event. So without further ado, let’s dive right in!

Amalgamate Formats and Programming

Who says virtual events are created only for conducting a conference or a meeting or it only consists of a virtual keynote and a series of breakout demonstrations? Online gatherings have a lot to do except that! It helps in creating programs in a unique shared, group, and VIP form.

For instance, you can host an exclusive virtual dinner for executives, organise an online roundtable for leaders and professionals hailing from big industries, or even have a live wine-tasting or cooking class streamed online seamlessly.

Besides that, almost every organization today are seen hosting webinars alongside live chats and Q&A sessions integration with well-experienced leaders to grab audience attention.

You can also conduct online happy hours or concerts for your executives to promote a better panel discussion. Virtual event platform offers unlimited options for organizersand businesses. Depending upon your event requirements you can create an outstanding event. Remember the more interesting and original your content and packages are, the more are the chances for attendees to tune in at your event.

Build Engagement via User-Generated Contributions

Like we all know, people attend your event from every corner of the world. Hence, keeping them involved in the event should be your priority. The more they are engaged and excited about the event, the more chances they will attend your event.

Before your events begin, invite people to take part in the question and answer session, provide data, comments, or feedback by using your event page layout or social media channels. This will help you shape your event effectively as you may find more innovative ideas with the help of these surveys which will further increase the productivity and engagement of your event. You can add these follow-up surveys to your social media channels and website page to allow unregistered attendees to know more about your event experiences. You can take the help of used supporting content like video reels highlighting real-time testimonials and frontline commentary.

Remember, the more you make your event engaging and attractive, the more your attendees will connect and resonate with your event.

Use Exclusive Keywords to Boost Your Search Potentials

Being an event organiser you may know how important are keywords for your business promotion. The more your keywords rank on the top, the more you reach wider audiences. There are multiple keyword generation tools available in the market today such as Google Ads that will help you create outstanding and unique keywords for your event. They will also show you the most relevant words searched more by attendees and inculcate the same in your content for better marketing opportunities.

You can also discover relevant keywords by simply searching the word on Google. For instance, if you want to promote your event networking conference, simply search for those words and phrases, such as ‘virtual network marketing’ or ‘digital advertising online training.’ The keywords vary from events to events but keep in mind that the words you choose are completely new and not similar to what your competitors use in their events.

Take Advantage of Social Media Across Platforms

Technology has paved its way in every field and social media platforms are the best example we all can agree upon. It has helped millions of people to market their business online while also upscale their sales vividly. Your virtual event promotion plays a critical role while also help you reach audiences efficiently.

When it comes to marketing your event on social platforms you must know some of the important details about each individual channel. They are as follows-

  1. Facebook promotions are easy to share, free of cost, while also keeping a track of your RSVPs.
  2. Curate interesting hashtags for your online event and ask your followers to spread the word about your event.
  3. Make unique Instagram posts and GIFs and use accurate keywords and hashtags in each of your posts.
  4. Boost engagement with LinkedIn as it is said to be the place where you can reach more people immersively.

Send out a Press Release

Just like in-person events, most people are taking advantage of the press releases. In the new normal, a press release is also providing its services in a lot better and advanced manner. They help in creating hype about your virtual events by incorporating those keywords that you generated before. Share every insight about your special guests attending the event, agenda of the event, speakers, and giveaways. Send all the information to the media desks, news outlets, and upload it on cost-friendly press release sites.

Offer Creative Value-Adds Takeaways

Who doesn’t like seeing their names and images up in lights? There are many effective tools for grabbing your attendee’s attention to capture their thoughts and opinions on your community.

Make this a mandatory thing to actively indulge your participants by asking them questions about your virtual hybrid events. This will help you generate valuable insights into what they think about your event. Incorporate an event takeaway, build channels on your event page wherein you can share your experiences, hints, and suggestions for a worthwhile and successful event throughout!

Promote Your Event Constantly

Make this a point that you keep working on your event promotion till the date arrives. Many times, even after your post and videos are appealing the attendance level at the event is not so great. This is because you may not have promoted your event as you should have! To avoid that, keep a count down of the event on your event website, share important content on social media handles, and do not forget to add the hashtags, and lastly offer secret goodies to the early registration birds to create buzz.

Over to You

While planning and promoting your event online, you must be persistent and understand that your event cannot be successful in a day, it might take time. Keep promoting and ask your attendees to offer you follow-up surveys to be on top. We hope the above-mentioned tips will help you boost your virtual events sales and marketing tactics while enabling you to deliver seamless events of all time!


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