How Facebook Helps For YouTube Video Promotion (9 Easy Tips)
How Facebook Helps For YouTube Video Promotion (9 Easy Tips)

Do you want to know how to properly YouTube video promotion on Facebook?

Promote your YouTube channel on Facebook can be a terrific idea if you’re looking for a strategy to grow it.

Facebook has 2.85 billion active users, so you may increase your channel’s views, likes, and subscriptions.

However, given the abundance of content already available on Facebook, you’ll need to take additional steps to get Facebook users to watch your YouTube videos.

Our tried-and-true Facebook marketing course can be of use to you in this situation.

Today, we’ll show you how to quickly advertise your YouTube channel on Facebook so that people will watch your videos.

The Most Simple Way to Increase YouTube Subscribers

You need a technique to spread awareness of your YouTube videos promotion to a large audience. And if those individuals are drawn to your content, your videos will garner a lot more interest.

the positive news To accomplish all of that and advance your YouTube channel, use Feeds for YouTube Pro.

You may use it as the best YouTube feed plugin to quickly and attractively display your videos on your website.

Your YouTube videos are thus visible to anybody who visits your website, and you receive a tonne of views and interactions.

Additionally, you can display YouTube reviews, endorsements, announcements, and other content simultaneously. In this manner, you can successfully turn website visitors into clients.

As you can see, you may increase your views, likes, and subscribers using this social media marketing tool. Additionally, you can increase revenue and improve the usability of your website.

There’s no need to wait if you want to quickly YouTube video promotion. You can start now if you just give Feeds for YouTube Pro a try.

Now that that has been said, let’s check out our finest tips for using Facebook to grow your YouTube channel.

How Facebook helps for YouTube video promotion

Let’s now look at some of our tried-and-true tips for using Facebook to promote your YouTube channel.

then let’s get going!

1. Upload your videos to Facebook.

Simply YouTube video promotion on Facebook to increase your audience and subscriber count.

You may simply YouTube video promotion to Facebook to increase their visibility. Additionally, someone who follows you on Facebook is probably going to like your YouTube videos as well.

People can then remark directly on your Facebook page on your YouTube video. You’ll also find it much simpler to communicate with these people via Facebook.

You can answer questions, participate in debates, and reply to comments. By doing this, you can get to know your readers better and learn what they desire.

Additionally, you keep providing fresh content for your Facebook fans to enjoy.

You may generate feeds of your Facebook content and post them on your website using the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

Therefore, the plugin will automatically post any new Facebook posts to your website.

Your videos and discussions about your YouTube channel are therefore visible to visitors to your website.

This implies that you can increase the number of views on your YouTube content. Visitors to your website will also notice that you have a vibrant fan base.

You can accomplish all of this without writing a single line of code, which is the finest part. You can quickly and easily build, tweak, and embed feeds using Custom Facebook Feed Pro.

So order Custom Facebook Feed Pro right away to expand the audience for your YouTube material.

You can look at our tutorial on how to embed Facebook feeds on WordPress if you want to get going right away.

2. Display YouTube and Facebook Feeds on Your Page

Displaying Facebook and YouTube feeds on your website is an incredibly simple approach to promote your YouTube channel.

Anyone visiting your website can view your YouTube videos and Facebook postings thanks to social media feeds.

People will see that you are active on both Facebook and YouTube if your feeds are combined on one website.

Therefore, everybody who follows you on Facebook may see how significant your YouTube content is. You may convert Facebook fans into YouTube subscribers in this manner.

Additionally, you may quickly convert your website visitors into new Facebook fans and YouTube subscribers.

The fantastic news is that you can use Smash Balloon’s Custom Facebook Feed Pro and Feeds for YouTube Pro plugins to quickly display your Facebook and YouTube feeds.

Additionally, the Social Wall Pro plugin allows you to merge videos from Facebook and YouTube into a single stream.

These plugins will instantly update your social media feeds whenever you upload a new YouTube video or post something on Facebook. As a result, you can save a tonne of time by not having to manually upload new posts.

Additionally, the pace of these social network feed plugins has been improved. This implies that regardless of how many Facebook posts you make, your website will load quickly.

In addition, speedier web pages are better for SEO, which raises the position of your website in Google search results.

They truly are the greatest social media feed plugins available because to all of their fantastic features.

Check out our tutorial on adding social media feeds to your website to get started, and you can quickly grow your Facebook and YouTube subscriber bases.

3. Establish a Facebook group for your YouTube channel.

Making a Facebook group is one quick technique to expand your YouTube channel’s audience.

You’ll have a fantastic space to communicate with your followers on Facebook and build relationships there. Then you can convert them into ardent supporters of your material.

Additionally, you get a location for YouTube video promotion so that they receive more views and engagement.

You may communicate to the members of your Facebook group there and get their opinions because you can interact with them directly.

You’ll be able to create content that appeals to your fans since you’ll know what they want better as a result.

The best thing, though? There is a simple approach to increase the popularity of your Facebook group. Simply embed your Facebook group on your website to complete the process.

You can display content from your Facebook group on your website by using Custom Facebook Feed Pro. In this manner, a large audience will be able to observe that your YouTube channel has a vibrant community.

Since visitors to your website are already engaged in the information there, you can convert them into group members.

And that means your YouTube channel will attract more devoted visitors.

Why are you holding out? Get Custom Facebook Feed Pro today and start growing your Facebook community.

For a simple start, check at our tutorial on embedding a Facebook group feed.

4. Add a link to your channel in your bio

Here’s a quick and easy approach to market your YouTube channel: just add a link to it to your Facebook page’s “about” page.

So Facebook users know exactly where to get video content linked to your brand.

Additionally, it conveys that your company supports the YouTube channel. People will be aware that your YouTube channel hosts your official content as a result.

Adding a link to your YouTube channel also gives your Facebook page a more polished appearance. People can see that you are engaged on a variety of social media sites.

Additionally, you can include a Call-to-Action (CTA) if you want more people to follow the link. Simply writing one brief line will encourage people to visit your YouTube channel.

Check out our tutorial on how to write the ideal call to action if you want to write the finest CTA possible and receive plenty of hits.

5. Share Channel Announcements on Facebook

Want your YouTube channel to receive more views? You might consider announcing on Facebook.

By doing this, you may generate anticipation for your YouTube videos by giving a preview of what’s to come to your Facebook followers.

In order to prevent missing your fresh video, more people will subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You can integrate your Facebook post on your website if you want your announcements to be seen by more people.

With that, you may also pique the interest of website visitors and turn them into YouTube subscribers for your new content.

6. Make Interesting Thumbnails

You may increase the number of people who watch your videos by creating interesting YouTube thumbnails.

Here is what YouTube actually says regarding thumbnails:

90% of the top-performing YouTube video promotion have unique thumbnails, and they are frequently the first thing viewers see when they find one of your videos.

When you publish your YouTube videos on Facebook, an attention-grabbing thumbnail might help you attract more viewers.

People on Facebook are considerably more inclined to click on an intriguing thumbnail. So you can increase your subscriber and viewership greatly.

Check out this popular WPBeginner video’s thumbnail as an illustration.

You can learn a few things from this example, including the following:

  • Use hues that contrast with YouTube’s colour palette.
  • Display content in a readable font size even on mobile devices.
  • Make it clear what the video will be about. Include your branding so people can easily identify your film.
  • Once you’ve done that, attracting folks to click on your thumbnails will be considerably simpler. As a result, more Facebook users will watch your YouTube content.

Want to begin creating captivating thumbnails? Don’t forget to read our guide to the top free tools for creating visual content.

Discuss Channel Ideas on Facebook

Discussing your channel ideas on Facebook is a fantastic method for YouTube video marketing and obtain inspiration for new material.

Facebook is significantly more social interaction-friendly than YouTube. With your followers, starting conversations and responding to others is considerably simpler.

Simply asking individuals what kind of material they would like will yield a tonne of fresh concepts. Additionally, since viewers may influence your films, they will interact with it more.

Even fans can participate in decision-making on your YouTube channel. Use Facebook polls or even ask people directly for their opinions.

Finally, you may include your Facebook conversation threads into your website. In this manner, you can encourage your website visitors to subscribe to your YouTube channel.

You can see how to do that by reading our tutorial on how to add Facebook posts to WordPress.

8. Create commercials

Posting promotional videos is another efficient strategy to advertise your YouTube channel on Facebook.

Simply share brief excerpts from your YouTube video promotion on your Facebook group or page. After that, include a link to your entire video and direct them to your YouTube channel to see the remainder.

People are more inclined to view these commercials in their entirety because they are so brief.

As a result, you can generate interest and increase the number of views from your Facebook fans who are interested in watching the remaining films.

Additionally, you may broadcast your promotional videos on your website by using the Custom Facebook Feed Pro plugin.

9. Hold a Facebook contest to promote your channel.

As a very simple approach to generate a tonne of interactions for your YouTube channel, you can also host giveaways.

You can offer away something to individuals who watch your films and engage with them. People are far more inclined to watch, like, or subscribe to your YouTube channel if there is a chance to win anything.

To encourage people to enter, simply post about the offer on your Facebook group or page.

Additionally, they may help you reach a tonne of new potential subscribers by spreading the word about the giveaway on Facebook.

After that, you can post the giveaway notice on your website using Custom Facebook Feed Pro. Following that, users of your website can enter the giveaway, increasing engagement.

There is absolutely no coding required when using RafflePress to create your giveaways using the drag and drop builder.

In fact, you can start right away by using the template designed to aid YouTube channel growth!

You can even encourage people to enter the giveaway by having them view a video, subscribe to your channel, or hit the like button.

As a result, the giveaway participants can help you gain a tonne of interaction and new subscribers.

RafflePress can also handle the rules, stop bogus entries, start the contest at the correct time, and finish the giveaway all by itself.

To encourage people to spread the word about your giveaway and make it popular, you might even offer extras.

Overall, RafflePress is the greatest WordPress giveaway plugin available thanks to a tonne of fantastic features.

Check out our tutorial on using a giveaway to increase YouTube views for a head start.

That’s all, then!

That concludes our tutorial on how to use Facebook to advertise your YouTube channel. You have a lot of options here, and they can all significantly increase the popularity of your YouTube video promoiton.

You can easily promote your Facebook videos using these tricks to get more likes, views, and subscribers.

Additionally, the Feeds for YouTube Pro plugin is available if you wish to advance your YouTube channel.

This application allows you to easily add stunning YouTube video streams to your website.

Visitors to your website can therefore access your video material, increasing the number of viewers and subscriptions you receive.

Additionally, one wonderful approach to make your website more appealing is by including pertinent videos on it. To increase your conversion and generate more sales, you may even use YouTube video reviews and testimonials.

Additionally, Feeds for YouTube Pro has a staff of specialists to help you along the way and is incredibly user-friendly.

Why are you holding out? Grab a copy of Feeds for YouTube Pro today to start easily promoting your YouTube channel.

That’s not all, either. The top Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram social network feed plugins can all be found at Smash Balloon.

With the All Access Bundle, you can receive all of that right away at a wonderful rate combined with the fantastic Social Wall Pro plugin!

Check out our tutorial on how to utilise Instagram to obtain more YouTube subscribers if you want to use it to promote your YouTube channel.

See our list of the top social media post formats to increase engagement for more incredible social media advice.

If this article was helpful to you, consider following me on Twitter and Facebook to receive even more social media marketing advice.


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