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Different strains of medical cannabis have different effects on the body and mind-this is the main reason that “bud tenders” at medical MJ dispensaries recommend different strains for different MMJ patients. For example, some indica strains can offer pain relief and relaxation, while best sativa strains in Canada are more uplifting and energizing. However, it’s important to note that each person reacts differently to medical cannabis, so it’s best to try a few different strains before settling on one. In general, sativa strains are best for daytime use, while indica strains are best for nighttime use. However, there are also many hybrid strains that offer a mix of both effects. Ultimately, the best way to figure out which strain is best for you is to experiment and find the one that offers the desired effect.

Here are five distinct medical marijuana strains and their physiological and psychological effects. To demonstrate the diverse impacts of marijuana strains on the mind and body, we selected a variety of marijuana strains, including some indica, some sativa, and some mixes.

  • Blue Dream

Details: Blue Dream, a heavily sativa-dominant strain with a hint of indica, gets its name from the dark green colour of the leaves beneath thick trichomes.

The best medication for sleeplessness is also a good “baseline” medication for people with pain, necessitating very little further breakthrough therapy.

Review: Due of its distinctive appearance, Blue Dream is a favourite in dispensaries. Definitely a nighttime medication; budtenders frequently advise patients in pain and those who have difficulties sleeping to take it.

  • Green Crack

Don’t be deterred by the name; this indica/sativa medicine’s light green, orange, and blueish undertones are very delicious and have a strong body high.

Medical applications: This strain’s high sativa content makes it the perfect choice for patients utilising medical marijuana to treat depression or other mental health conditions as well as those with chronic pain.

Review: Green Crack is a short-acting medication that is perfect for a “middle of the day” dose, especially for pain sufferers seeking a cutting-edge pain therapy.

  • White Berry

Particulars: Extremely purple in colour, 90% indica, 10% sativa. With a stunning appearance to the plant that draws patients right to this strain, this hybrid truly is the best of all hybrids.

Muscle soreness and spasms are relieved by using this medication. Perfect for those with muscle disorders including restless legs syndrome.

Review: This indica-dominant strain easily earns a “A.” Because it can have strong affects on the mind and body, as is normal for a hybrid, it is best used at night.

  • Canna Sutra

Sativa is predominate. Amazingly delicious and lemony smoke. reputed to have aphrodisiac effects. Pronounced “marijuana” flavour with a strong lemon undertone.

Sexual aid, mood enhancement, and bronchial dilator are all medical purposes. frequently suggested for use in a smokeless vaporizer by persons with asthma.

Review: This sativa surprises patients who prefer indica medications and is a favourite among bud tenders worldwide. This quickly sells out in most dispensaries thanks to the subtle purple undertones in the leaves.

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