Is It Possible to Earn While You Learn?

Some people may argue that earning while you learn is impossible. However, new age start-ups have made it possible. For example, reward-based tests are a way to earn while you prepare for any competitive exam (JEE, NEET, SSC, CAT etc.). This is because, the more tests you take, the more money you will make. The idea of earning while learning has been around for a long time. This means that it’s not something new or unheard of. It’s just that many people don’t know they can do this and so they don’t even try to do it. To have a stable income, it is important that students establish an income stream. Some of the benefits of having an income include financial stability, improved mental health, and increased opportunity for success.

What Are Reward Based Tests?

Reward based tests are a type of assessment that rewards students for correct answers. This test is used to measure the knowledge and skills of the students. Reward based tests are also called ‘performance-based assessments’ because they measure how well a student can perform a skill or task. This type of assessment has been found to help children learn more effectively. It has been shown that those who take these tests have better test scores on other types of assessments as well as higher levels of academic achievement overall.

Gamification is the use of game-like elements in a non-game context. It has been used for years to improve learning and engagement. Gamification can be applied to any subject matter, but it is most often seen in education. Gamification has been shown to increase motivation and engagement while also improving retention rates. Gamification can be applied to many different aspects of education. It can be used as a reward system, as well as a way of providing feedback on progress and performance.

Do Rewards Motivate Students to Perform Better?

Rewards are often used as a motivator for students to perform better in their studies. It is believed that the fear of not getting the reward will make them work harder to do well in their studies. It is also an established fact that rewards drive excitement amongst people and push them to pursue opportunities which may require significant effort. The researchers studied two groups of students – one group was rewarded with money and the other group was not. They found that those who were rewarded with money did better than those who weren’t. Gamification is a really good way to make something more interesting for the user. It helps them to understand the product better and have fun with it. Gamification is a great way to motivate people to do things they might not otherwise want to do. It can help people stay motivated and engaged in the process of completing a task, even if they don’t enjoy it.

Learning is an essential part of life. It gives us the skills and knowledge we need to do our work and live our lives. But it can be hard to learn at times. And if it’s not fun, learning becomes a chore. The best way to make learning fun is by using games, puzzles, or other activities that are enjoyable and engaging for students of all ages. These activities should be appropriate for the age group you are working with so that they are easy for them to understand and enjoy.

Which Is the Best Reward Based Test Preparation Platform?

Edulete ( is a reward-based test preparation platform that lets students practice test questions and earn points for every correct answer. Edulete has several features that make it stand out from other platforms. It is the only such platform to offer both practice tests as well as 1 vs 1 style games. Edulete also offers a personalized dashboard where students can track their progress in real time. They can see how many points they have earned, which tests they need to work on, and what rewards they have unlocked so far. The Edulete team has been hard at work designing an app with user-friendly features for all types of learners.

What Are the Pros of Reward Based Tests / Quizzes?

Rewards are a powerful motivator. They can encourage students to learn more and do better. That is why many educators have turned to reward based tests and quizzes. These tests are designed to make learning more enjoyable by giving students rewards for their efforts.

The pros of these types of tests include:

1) Students enjoy the test because they know that they will get some sort of reward for their efforts

2) Students are always engaged because they want to earn the rewards

3) The test is motivating so students will work harder and be more engaged in the material

4) The teachers enjoy administering these types of tests because it is easy for them, there is no grading involved, and it motivates the students.

5) These type of testing helps with retention rates

How Much Money Can You Win on Platforms Such As Edulete?

The answer to this question completely depends on your skill level. The platform is known to disburse upwards of INR 1 Lac rewards daily across different exam categories (JEE, NEET, SSC, CAT etc.)

Edulete is a platform that offers rewards for taking tests & quizzes. Users can win rewards based on their performance in tests / quizzes, Rewards are not only limited to cash prizes, but the company also aspires to enable students by providing them with books, scholarships, stationary, coupons, gift cards and a lot more

How Much Time Should I Spend Giving Mock Tests on Edulete?

It is important to spend time practicing mock tests. If you are not doing them, you will be missing out on opportunities to improve your skills and get better at answering questions. It also helps you stay relaxed and focused when taking the real test. The best way to find out how much time should be spent on mock tests is by setting a goal for yourself. You can decide how many hours a day you want to practice for or what percentage of your total study time will be devoted to practicing mock tests.


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