Interdisciplinary Research


Interdisciplinary research is another major and important research paradigm. It is a type of research that deals with two are more disciplines.  It is a type of research that allows researchers from different fields to work together. It will help them to develop transferable skills. But also help researchers to innovate in the research fields. In recent times, it is helping to overcome global issues. There are several global issues that researchers are investigating. Such issues include COVID-19, financial crisis and gender equality. Apart from this, it also includes climate change, inclusive growth and unemployment. These are some of the complex issues. If you want to address the issues, you need to adopt different strategies. These different strategies will help you to overcome these global challenges. It will also help you to know the different issues that lie in these challenges. You can explore them and develop different strategies to overcome those. It is only possible when you are researching according to interdisciplinary research.

Global Issues and Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

There are a lot of global issues in the modern-day world. These are the types of issues that are affecting the global community. In 2015, the General Assembly of United Nations issued 17 major goals. The prime focus of these goals was to address major global challenges. Let’s discuss a few of the major goals that are dealing with major global challenges.

G1: No poverty

G2: Zero Hunger

G3: Good Health and Well-being

G5: Gender Equality

G8: Decent Work and Economic Growth

G10: Reduced Inequalities

G11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

G13: Climate Action

G16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

So, these are a few of the major SDG that the UN aims to achieve by the end of 2030. There are different issues that lie in these global challenges. Interdisciplinary research can help the researcher to identify different shortcomings. Later on, with effective policymaking, we can overcome these global challenges.

How Can Interdisciplinary Research Help To Overcome Global Challenges?

According to the assignment writing services firm, the prime focus of interdisciplinary research is to investigate two or more disciplines. It helps the researchers to identify different prospects of those disciplines. These global challenges are sometimes interlinked with other issues. So, a researcher needs to identify these issues. Later on, interdisciplinary research will help to overcome those major global issues. Let’s discuss how interdisciplinary research can help to overcome those global challenges.

  • Imagine a Bigger Picture:

When you are doing research for global issues, you need to imagine a bigger picture. Research usually focuses on a specific community or field. But, to overcome the global issues, you need to imagine all the prospects. You need to conduct research that can help you to identify all the prospects of that challenge. You can take help from existing researches related to that challenge. These studies will help you to know the key progresses to overcome that challenge. Apart from that, it will help you to adopt effective data collection methods. You need to think from a different perspective. It will help you to know the clear picture of that global challenge.

  • Ask Questions:

It is quite possible that you might get confused while conducting interdisciplinary research. There might be several reasons. You might not be able to understand different research patterns. You might not be able to align interdisciplinary research models with global challenges. You can ask questions to clear your confusion. You can collaborate with fellow researchers. And, you can discuss the prospects of your research work. You can ask them how to align your research structures with your research. It will help you to produce a good piece of policy to deal with the global challenge. So, you should ask as many as questions you want to. It will help you in your interdisciplinary research.

  • How to Collect Data:

When you are researching a global challenge, you should not rely on one discipline. You should consider two or more research fields. It will help you to investigate that global issue in a much better way. So, you need to collect data from different fields. You should collect data from multidisciplinary, cross-disciplinary, and interdisciplinary fields. All these will help you to collect data for the scientific process and research. It will help you to expand the scope of your research. Apart from this, it will help you in diversifying your research prospects. So, you should not rely on a single method of data collection.

  • Presentation of Your Research Results:

Another major aspect is the presentation of your interdisciplinary research results. You cannot present your research result like normal research results. You should think about different ways that can help you to reach a wider audience. You need to write your research results in a way that can convince your readers. Apart from this, you should make sure to identify the key issues in that global challenge. You should also provide different solutions in the light of your results. It will help the policymakers to implement those results.

  • Get Organized:

It is another key area for dealing with global challenge in interdisciplinary research. You need to present your research work with a strategy. It will help you when things are not going in a way you planned. You can consider Pomodoro Techniques. It will help you to make your research organized. Later on, it will be helpful for policymakers for dealing with global challenges.


Interdisciplinary research is a type of research that deals in two or more fields. It allows researchers from different fields to work together. In recent times, global community is facing some serious global challenges. The researchers are considering interdisciplinary research to deal with these issues. These are the issues that are affecting the global community. So, this research type is helping the researchers to overcome those global challenges. These challenges include poverty, inequality and climate change. There are several ways that can help the researcher to conduct a successful research. This article discussed how interdisciplinary research is overcoming the global challenges.


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