However, picking the ideal pattern and design can be challenging. We’ve looked into some of the colour trends from this year, as announced by some of our favourite paint brands, to help you narrow down your choices. We’ve also suggested some extra-large carpets from our collection that would go well with these colour schemes. The carpets we’ll be exhibiting below fit perfectly in dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, spacious halls, and even bedrooms. This is especially true of kilim rugs. Which colour combination do you prefer?

Modern rugs:

Modern rugs are the most well-known and frequently discussed kind of rugs; the abstract elements in their designs give any room a lively and modern atmosphere. From geometric designs to floral patterns, and in a variety of colours, our large selection of modern rugs is sure to have what you’re looking for.

Shaggy Rugs:

At this time of year, shaggy rugs in New zealand are a need. Every rug contributes to the cosy ambiance created by the additional warmth it brings to each space. Shaggy rugs look great on wood floors because of the ambiance they create, but they also look great on top of carpet.

Kids Rugs:

Searching for the ideal Christmas gift for your kid? There’s no need to explore any further because variety of kids carpets that provide a nursery or a bedroom a lively and fascinating touch. We have something to satisfy your child’s imagination, from planets to unicorns.


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