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The most popular branch of plastic surgery is Cosmetic Surgery. This surgery has been transforming millions of people by making good even much better. Each body part gets transformed and corrected to a whole new level. Where millions of people have experienced it. Some of us are still confused about How Long is the Cosmetic Surgery Recovery period?

Not one, there are hundreds of procedures of Cosmetic Surgery in Dubai. And each has a different recovery time. Let’s dig into all of them!

Cosmetic Surgery’s Procedures and Their Recovery Periods

Facial Procedures and Recovery

Brow Lift Surgery

A forehead rejuvenation procedure based on tightening forehead muscles and furrows between eyes and forehead sagginess by lifting up the brows.

Recovery Period
  • Two weeks of initial healing
  • Several months for complete recovery

Eyelid Lift Surgery

Eyelid surgery is based on correcting looseness and sagginess to the shape and tone of eyelids as the person ages over time. Cosmetic surgery eradicates the excess skin and tissue from upper and lower eyelids for shape correction. 

Recovery Period

Soreness for two weeks

Activities can be resumed after ten days.


A nose with cosmetic imperfections or breathing functionality issues can be treated efficiently with a rhinoplasty procedure like a crooked nose, bumpy nose etc.

Recovery Period
  • Few weeks swelling
  • One year to get the nose thoroughly refined

Cheek/Jaw/Chin Definition Surgery

It’s a face reshaping or redefining process. In this process a surgeon adds an implant to the required area where the correction is needed, like cheek enhancement and jaw etc.

Recovery Period
  • Activities can be resumed within a week.
  • Healing and recovery take several months.

Facelift and Neck lift

This is a facial contouring and defining procedure that works by tightening facial muscles, and the skin is stretched to give a face a smoother and firmer look. The cosmetic surgeon separates the skin from the excess fat. The fat is removed, and the skin is pulled back to a higher lifted position.

Recovery Period
  • Two weeks to return to a regular routine
  • One year of swelling and skin sensation

Breast Procedures and Recovery

Breast Augmentation

It is based on enhancing and reshaping the abnormal or smaller breasts by adding fullness to them. Different types of breast implants are used to place in the breasts for enhancement purposes. 

Recovery Period
  • The worst pain will subside in the initial days.
  • Four to six weeks to resume activities. 
  • The incision scars will fade. I will never go away.

Breast Reconstruction

The breast Reconstruction procedure is based on restoring the abnormal asymmetrical breasts to their standard size, shape and symmetry. 

Recovery Period

The worst pain may subside in the first days.

Patients can resume daily activities after a month.  

Breast Reduction

Osteoporosis surgery involves the surgical removal of excess fat, glandular towels, and skin from your intestinal ulcer.

Recovery Period
  • It will take six to return to responding to daily activities.
  • The incision scars will diminish after a year.

Breast Lift

Breast lift is known as mastopexy. A breast rejuvenation therapy based on lifting up the saggy breast and repositioning them straight on the chest. 

Recovery Period
  • Skin sensitivity and numbness will be there for around six weeks.
  • Scars will take a year to fade. It will not diminish.

Body Procedures and Recovery

Mommy Makeover

A therapy encases many body and face transforming surgical treatments to restore and turn the clock from post-delivery to pre-baby bodies, including genitals, waist, buttocks, breast and tummy.

Recovery Period
  • The intense pain will subside in the initial week.
  • The complete recovery can take several months.


This is an excess fat removal or a fat reduction surgery that works by suctioning techniques for a slimmer and contoured body shape.  

Recovery Period

The treatment pain will go away within a week or in few days.

Recovery time varies from person to person, depending on the amount of fat removed.

Tummy Tuck Surgery

It’s an abdominal fat removal surgery to give a tummy a slimmer and more attractive look. 

Recovery Period
  • The pain will take a few weeks to subside.
  • The healing process is slow and gradually moves towards betterment, taking several months. 

Gynecomastia Surgery

This surgery caters to the abnormalities of enlarged breasts in men and reduces them to normal-sized breasts.

Recovery Period
  • The severe pain will subside in the first few days, which will be very complicated.
  • The recovery will vary from patient to patient.

-The recovery time may vary depending on patient to patient. Each patient should consult their surgeon to get the detailed info.

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