Logos are symbols or icons that represent your business in related industries. A Cheap Logo Design is used as a graphic mark or symbol to promote a business’s identity and make them recognizable in public. A logo can be in the form of only text that displays your business name or with a combination of a graphic design and text, or it can only consist of a graphic image.


A well cheap logo design describes what your business offers and your business values and goals. A logo is about creating a visual identity for your business. Depending upon the different types of logo, a logo usually consists of a symbol and a tagline or brand name.


A logo’s essential function is to differentiate from others and make you stand out from the rivalry. Along with determining your brand, a good logo conveys some crucial info about your company to your consumers, like your offerings, brand values, and industry. It makes your brand recognizable.


Types of Logo Designs:


There a seven different types of logos. -= graphical images, but each type of logo has its significance, and each type depicts different feelings. Below listed are the seven types of logos you need to know about to choose a perfect logotype for your business;



Monogram logo is the second name of lettermark logo. They only consist of letters, the usual initials of the brand name. It is the simplest type of logo used to attract your audience and make them remember your brand only by the initials of your brand name. It is easy to say as they are like the abbreviations of your brand name, specifically when you have a long brand name.



Like the letter mark logo, a wordmark logo is a font-based logotype that consists of your brand name alone. Like Coca-Cola, Google, Dell, Logitech. A Wordmark logo works well when a business has a very distinct name. That makes your brand name catchy and memorable. There strong and striking typography can enhance your brand recognition.



Also known as the brand mark or symbol. It is an icon or graphic logo. A picture or graphic symbol is used to design this type of logo that makes your brand instantly recognizable. Apple, Twitter, Shell, MacDonald, and WWF are great examples of pictorial mark logos. They make their identity through their pictorial mark logo, making them recognizable and stand out.



An abstract type of logo is a specific type of pictorial logo. An abstract geometrical representation of your business is made up of different shapes instead of using a recognizable image. The best example of Abstract marks is Pepsi and Adidas. This type of logo works well because they abbreviate your brand into a solitary image.



The mascot logo design consists of illustrated characters, cartoons, or caricatures. That can be relatable to your business. They are colorful, cartoonish, and entertaining. The mascot logo is a great technique to create your brand ambassador representing your company. Often sports teams and companies associated with sports use them.


6. Combination Mark:


The combination mark logo comprises a wordmark or letter mark logo with a pictorial or abstract logo. The picture or symbol is laid side-by-side with text, and stacked in various ways to create a logo. The combination mark can be a powerful logo because text and picture or mascot working together to emphasize your brand. You can enhance your audience’s memory of your brand by adding your name and symbol.



This type consists of a font or typography inside a symbol or an icon. In contrast to crests and badges, seals have a more traditional appearance that will make your audience take notice. As a result, they are commonly used by schools, organizations, and governments.



Here are some types of cheap logo design that helps businesses. You can choose any of them. Every design has its worth. So it depends on you which category more relates to your business.


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