Travel USB air mini humidifier
Travel USB air mini humidifier

Mini portable air humidifier make air wet. Especially in winter, dry indoor air always makes our skin tight and rough. In addition, there will be symptoms such as dry mouth and cough, which make our indoor air extremely uncomfortable. The emergence of air humidifiers has effectively improved the indoor air humidity. Within the suitable humidity range, our human physiology and thinking have reached the best, and a comfortable environment makes our work and life more efficient.


Mini Humidifier Cute
Mini Humidifier Cute

So, have you studied the principle of daily air humidifiers? After adding water, just press the switch to bring a comfortable mist to increase the humidity. What is the principle? Next, let’s discuss it together.

How Mini Portable Air Humidifier Works

In fact, the pure water humidifier removes calcium and magnesium ions in the water through molecular sieve evaporation technology, and completely solves the “white powder” problem. The air is washed by the water curtain, humidifies the air and purifies the air, and then sends the moist and clean air to the room through the pneumatic device, thereby increasing the environmental humidity.

Other Types of Best Portable Travel Humidifier

Hot steam humidifier: It heats water to the boiling point with a heating element, generates water vapor and releases it into the air for humidification.

Ultrasonic humidifier: Using ultrasonic high-frequency oscillation, the water is atomized into ultra-fine particles of 1-5 microns and diffused into the air, so as to achieve the purpose of evenly humidifying the air.

After reading the working principle, what should I pay attention to when using an air humidifier? Let’s take a look at it together!

Precautions for the use of humidifiers

Humidifier Humidity Matters

Those who use humidifiers should control the indoor air. Generally, the humidity is about 40% to 60%, and the human body will feel good. If the inhalable particles are too low, it is easy to cause a cold. , bronchitis and other diseases.


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