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Psychology is a wide degree that is based on the human mind and how it works. Psychology focuses on understanding and resolving complex problems that humans face daily. Exploring through interactions and relationships with patients, psychologists are able to solve issues and problems. And will help them to improve in their lives in a continuously challenging world. 


Career development 

Developing a career is a long process of career decision making, career exploration, self-discovery, intentional reflection, meaningful experience. Utilize your psychology dissertation help from this blog. 


Psychology careers

Psychology careers stretch across many fields such as criminal justice, business, education, mental health, and many more. Not only psychology is one of the most common majors in university but it also has a positive outlook. The predicted job growth by the Bureau of Labor Statistics is 14% for psychologists till 2026 that holds many positive outlooks for many other careers.


Why pursue psychology as a career?

There are several good reasons to study psychology in order to pursue a career. The psychology degree not only requires fundamental skills but also flexible skills which can be applied to different industries. A graduate of psychology definitely finds a job in the field of psychology as well as other careers related to psychology. 


The survey by the National Center for Science and Engineering statistics held in 2017 reported that only 3.5% of people who graduated from psychology are working as a psychologist [5]. However, the others find employment in human service, marketing and sales, education, and administrative service. 


What is the significance of this field that provides a wide range of careers? 

Students who take psychology major: 

Take dissertations on how people and animals behave and think in different scenarios whether it is an ordinary or complex situation. These dissertations are mostly by dissertation writing service because of their depth of knowledge. 

They are basically introduced to the scientific method of collecting data and analysis which includes applied quantitative statistics because they have practical examples in many occupations such as business analytics. 


By studying psychology, students can gain critical thinking skills and can apply them to various psychological models of solving problems as well as using scientific methods in data analysis. 

Build oral communication and writing skills through essays, class participation, and group projects. 


A strong grip on these skills creates an all-rounder candidate for the employer’s seekers. Psychological background can be applied to almost every field that has the understanding of human behavior such as teaching, social services, business, and counseling. Therefore, it is predicted that in 2022 there will be an increase in interest in undergraduate degrees of psychology [3]. This way it will lead to growth in students preparing for entry-level jobs or training for specializing psychology careers. 


Psychological career pathways 

According to data provided by the Bureau of labor statistics, it is expected that psychology-related fields will grow to 19 percent by 2024. And this growth is faster than other career options. It is expected that over 17000 social and human services job assistants will open in 2022. And these jobs require bachelor’s degrees and these occupations include mental health technician, community coordinator, advocate, and family support workers. 


Moreover, in the next ten years, employment in school psychologists and counseling will be expected to grow by 14%. One of the main reasons for employment growth includes the high demand for psychological services in hospitals, educational institutions, and mental health centers. 


School psychologists are important in school who can work with students who have learning disabilities, special needs, and behavioral issues. Schools rely on psychologists because they are the source of communication and help in assessing and counseling those students. School psychologists study what are the factors that affect internal and external learning. Once the school psychologists learn those factors they are moved to work with administrators and teachers in order to find ways to improve learning in school. Employment in this field is limited because it depends on local and state budgets. 


The demand for counseling and clinical psychologists will always increase because people will continue to ask for help in order to cope up with their mental health issues. In this area, psychologists are required to provide support and services to the older generations. Helping older people in order to deal with their mental, physical and emotional conditions. The majority of this service is needed for veterans and army people who are suffering from the trauma of war, people with autism, and survivors-related trauma. 


In the next ten years, the psychologists’ employment in industrial organizations is expected to grow by 6 percent. Companies will never stop asking for help from industrial-organizational psychologists for employee selection, screening, and retention in order to improve the workplace environment, increase efficiency and productivity in the company. 


Jobs you can get after a psychology degree

A psychology degree prepares you for a psychology career or other related fields. To know more about psychology degrees, review the following job descriptions for learning helpful skills, salary information.  With the availability of numerous options, you can pursue a job that best fits your interest. 


  • Clinical psychologist

Degree type: Doctoral Degree

Starting salary: $56,762 – $84,000 per year

  • School counselor 

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $33,902 per year

  • Psychiatrist 

Degree type: Doctoral Degree

Starting salary: $219,526 per year

  • Social worker 

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $53,950 per year

  • Neuropsychologist

Degree type: Doctoral Degree

Starting salary: $102,627 per year

  • Forensic psychologist

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $60,000 per year

  • Industrial-organizational psychologist 

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $78,473 per year

  • Psychologist 

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $48,000 – $75,367 per year

  • Engineering psychologist

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $97,740 per year

  • Marriage and family therapist 

Degree type: Doctoral Degree, Master’s degree, Bachelor’s Degree

Starting salary: $49,170 per year



Choosing psychology as your field can take you anywhere in the world for work purposes. Psychology prepares for in-depth knowledge at the graduate level. Which career path you take is totally dependent on you. As the psychology degree opens the doors to various fields.

Pursuing a psychology degree can prove a beneficial step in order to enhance your career growth in 2022 as it can help you to achieve your professional goals in your desired field. 


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