How to Backup All Email from Office 365 Solve Backup Queries

Query: I want to know how to backup all email from Office 365 because my subscription is going to end soon. I’m not willing to continue since I will be moving to another platform soon which is why I need to take a backup of all the messages stored in my mailbox. Can anyone please help me?

Queries like the one above and similar have been asked by various users all over the world who want to know if there are successful solutions to create a backup of their data.

Typically, not everybody takes a backup of their cloud data. It is highly important to take email backup from Office 365 since the data stored in the cloud is not entirely safe.

Why do you think is data not safe on the cloud?

It’s because the files stored there are universally accessible and your account can get hacked by anonymous hackers.

Also, during outages, Microsoft itself says that if any of the data is lost or damaged, they are not responsible for it.

Nobody would like to get into situations like these which is why experts recommend to always taking a backup of your data.

The best methods are, however, unknown to various users.

Find them here!

Best Methods to Learn How to Backup All Email from Office 365

You can use the manual methods for this operation like the Import/Export feature of Outlook or convert data files to HTML or PDF formats.

If you have a few emails only, then the conversion method might come in handy.

For a swift backup, use the Office 365 Backup Tool & follow the given steps:

Step 1. Launch tool and set Source and Destination platforms.

Step 2. Enter credentials for both platforms.

Step 3. Add user IDs to the software for mapping.

Step 4. Hit the Start Backup button to complete the backup.

Manual Method 1 – Take Email Backup from Office 365 Using Microsoft Outlook

This method requires you to first get your Microsoft 365 account configured with MS Outlook after which you can export an Outlook data file i.e. PST. It will consist of all the data from your mailbox and users can access it in Outlook whenever the need be.

Follow the steps mentioned here to save the data:

  1. Once your account is configured, go to the File
  2. Select the Open & Export menu and choose the Import & Export option from there.2
  3. Learn how to backup all email from Office 365 by choosing the Export to a file option and clicking on the Next3
  4. Then, go to the Outlook data file (.pst) option and press the Next button for further steps.
  5. Click on the Browse button to search for the files to be exported and choose how you want to deal with the duplicates.
  6. Hit the Finish

This procedure seems easy enough to be applied but it totally depends upon whether the configuration settings are right or not.

Manual Method 2 – Backup Office 365 Email Locally Via Conversion in Two Formats

In this process, you can convert your data in two different formats i.e. HTML or PDF.

Remember: These methods are not suitable for exporting data in bulk as it will convert messages one by one.


  1. Go to the Mail view and choose the folder containing the message to be exported.
  2. Click on the File option and hit the Save as
  3. In the File Explorer, select the end location of the file to be saved.
  4. Navigate to the Save as Type drop-down and choose HTML.
  5. Hit Save to take email backup from Office 365.

Repeat these steps for every message to be converted.

For PDF:

There is no direct way to export data as PDF which is why you have to first convert the data in HTML format and follow the given steps:

  1. Launch MS Word and click on the File
  2. Hit the Open button and choose the HTML
  3. Select the File option, hit Save as, and choose the PDF option as the file type.
  4. Click on the Save button to initiate the process.

How to Backup All Email from Office 365 in a Painless Manner?

The backup tool is the perfect way to export your data from Office 365 mailbox in bulk as Outlook supported format.

There is a list of features that can be used for selective data backup like:

  • Download the data in Outlook format from several mailboxes simultaneously
  • Date-Range filter to export emails from a certain duration of time
  • Resultant data can be stored at the desired destination on local device
  • Concurrent Backup option to transfer data files in batch mode
  • Backup Office 365 email locally from all the mailbox categories

Once you know what features the tool provides, go through the steps of the tool as mentioned below to start the backup operation.

Execute these Steps to Create Backup on Local Storage

  1. Run the software and click on the Setup tab for setting Source and Destination as Office 365 and Outlook respectively.1
  2. Now, checkmark the Email box and go to the Date-filter section to set the dates in “from” and “to” for saving a time zone.2
  3. Then, for learning how to backup all email from Office 365, you have to first insert the credentials for Office 365 admin account and hit Validate.3
  4. In this step, enter the details for your Outlook data file destination and size and hit the Validate button to assign the permissions.4
  5. Add the user IDs either by inserting them automatically via the Fetch Users option or adding a CSV file containing all the user IDs.5
  6. Click on the Start Backup option to complete the procedure.

Apply the Delta Backup option for exporting any new data after the first procedure avoiding duplicity of data.

Final Say

For understanding how to backup all email from Office 365, it is important to use the correct methods. Since the data stored in your mailbox is highly sensitive and crucial, you should make sure it is not lost or damaged due to an error.

Therefore, this article consists of the methods to download your data from the mailbox without any data loss situations. However, the manual methods are difficult to perform because, for bulk export, neither of them is as suitable as the software.


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