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Do you know that there are about 700 million active internet users in India? But to get your point across the internet, it is important to have a website. Now along with big businesses, small businesses are also making websites. And it is the responsibility of the web developer to create websites. 

A web developer is a very respectable position. Today through this post, I will show you the complete journey of becoming a web developer. So let’s know, what is a web developer? And how to become a web developer in 2021? How much salary does a web developer get? And how to make a good career in it?

What is a web developer?

In today’s time, the Internet is the rule of the whole world. All the businesses are using the website to increase their online presence across the world. Now someone must be making these websites, right? So a web developer is called a person who creates and designs a website using different coding languages. 

Mainly, from creating the website to managing it completely, the work of the web developer is done. To become a web developer one has to learn web development. By becoming a web developer, you can give a good direction to your career. Its demand is going to increase more in the coming time.

How to become a web developer?

Making your mark in 2021 has become very important. Internet is being used not only to get information but also to sell your goods and display your skills. In such a situation, due to the increasing internet craze, websites and internet users are also increasing. Believe me, you can make a very good career by becoming a web developer.

To become a web developer you have to learn web development skills. In which the three mentioned below are going to be used in the frontend, backend, and database development, along with good knowledge and hold of coding languages. With a complete web design course certification or diploma. When you learn web development, create projects and add them to your resume.

To get the job of a web developer, you have to practice a lot. To become a web developer, you should also know about GitHub. GitHub is a version control system. In this, we can host our projects. We will talk about this in detail in the next post.

What is web development?

Web development is used to create websites, web applications, and web pages that run on web browsers. To tell in simple language, we follow the process of web development to make whatever website or application is running on the web.

Mainly three layers are studied in this. Those three layers are the frontend, backend, and database layer. When a website or web application is created, it is created by passing through these 3 layers. These three layers include the coding languages ​​and the different work done by them.

What is Frontend Web Development?

The front end is the part of the website that you see when you visit the website with which the user interacts. That is, whenever you visit a website, you will see images, text, header, footer videos, and buttons there and you interact with them. So all this is the front end of the website. When we create a website, the front end is created first. It is also called client-side development.

Three coding languages ​​are used to create the frontend.

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript

What is Backend Web Development?

There is that part of the website which is hidden from the user, meaning the user cannot see it. It is accessed, created, and modified only by the web developer. The backend connects the frontend development to the database server. 

The logic of websites is written in backend development. Like when you go to a website, click on the buttons or sign up, log in, then the action that is performed is written in the backend in coding languages. We also call this server-side development.

These coding languages ​​are used to create the backend. It is important to know at least one of these languages.

  • Python
  • Node js
  • PHP
  • Ruby

What is Database Web Development?

The data of our website is stored in the database. It contains a database repository. In which the data comes from the frontend and is stored in the database with the help of the backend. To retrieve, process, or change the data in this, you should have knowledge of databases.

In this layer, some dots have to be learned, you can learn anyone. :

  • MySQL
  • Mongo DB
  • PostgreSQL

Where to do a web development course?

You can also learn from your nearest coaching institute where web development is taught. And now many online courses are also available on the internet. If you cannot afford any coaching or online courses, then you can learn on YouTube. 

I would recommend that you learn to join any web development course because you can learn depth knowledge by joining any proper training of any coaching center.

It is not that once web development comes, there is no need to learn anything, a web developer learns throughout life. Because changes keep happening on the Internet, different frameworks of coding languages ​​keep coming. And companies adopt these changes, it is also important to stay updated with all these. Only then will you be called a successful web developer.

Qualifications and skills to become a web developer

Friends, you do not need any qualifications to learn web development. But to work in a company on the post of a web developer, you must have at least a bachelor’s degree like BCA, CS,, etc.

Some companies also have eligibility criteria of 60% to 70% marks in graduation. So it is also important for you to make a good score in graduation. If you have a master’s degree then you can also get a good salary package. Eg: MCA, CS, etc.

To become a web developer, develop these skills within yourself. :

  • Should have a good understanding of English and should also be English fluent if seen from the interview.
  • Make sure to improve your communication skills.
  • One should know how to solve complex problems, which means a good understanding of problem-solving
  • Should have good command over programming languages. 


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