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Recently, news about various security issues is common. I believe everyone has heard about it. In the face of this series of social security issues, we also need to strengthen our awareness of prevention, but we also need to work and live, and we don’t have much free time. Go to the nursing home. Faced with this problem, Qiao An designed a JA-F2 intelligent surveillance camera dedicated to outdoor nursing homes. CCTV cameras are the most distinctive surveillance products in security. CCTV cameras are also very popular in today’s market and will gradually become a must-have for household life.

So what are the functions of this CCTV camera? In this regard, I help you to conduct a comprehensive evaluation, including external functions and performance experience.

From what aspects to choose outdoor wireless cameras

Waterproof and dustproof: The outdoor camera should be placed outdoors, so first of all, it must meet the waterproof and dustproof effect;

  1. Night vision function: The night vision function determines whether you can see clearly at night, so be sure to choose;
  2. Motion detection: can push to the bound mobile phone in time when encountering abnormal situations;
  3. Automatic defense: When encountering abnormal situations, not only will the alarm information be pushed to the mobile phone, but also a high-decibel sound or strong light will be sent to alert people.

Outdoor wireless camera brand

The easiest way is, when you buy a product but don’t know what brand to choose, you can search for the product directly on JD. There will be some brands below, and the top ones are those that sell better.

This is the brand I searched for “home outdoor camera” on

It can also be roughly seen from this picture that the outdoor surveillance brands generally include Hikvision, Fluorite, Tyrone, Dahua, Le Orange, Xiaoyi, 360 and so on.


Hikvision is a leading brand in the domestic security industry. His surveillance cameras account for about 20% of China’s market share. Hikvision mainly focuses on security monitoring. With the development of smart homes getting better and better, it will be launched later. Fluorite, a sub-brand of smart home.


Dahua is basically the same as Hikvision in nature. It is a brand second only to Hikvision in China, and Le Orange is Dahua’s smart home sub-brand.

F2 Camera

The overall appearance of the F2 camera is simple and elegant, with high-frequency antennas on the left and right sides similar to a pair of ears, a pure white body, and a black logo font. The fuselage is 18.4CM in length, 14.2CM in length, and 7.3CM in height. It occupies a small area and is more convenient for wall mounting.

The body adopts a waterproof structure design. The frosted body is not easy to stain, dust, wind, sand, rain, and cold weather can withstand, not easy to be damaged, and has strong durability.

In terms of clarity, 6-layer anti-reflection coated glass is used, with standard 1080P high-definition pixels. The picture is very delicate and realistic, and the visual sense is high-definition and comfortable.

The Function Of Outdoor Surveillance Camera

The main function of this F2, that is, the biggest highlight should be “active attack, sound and light alarm.” The F2 camera has 2 high-power infrared lamps plus 4 high-power white light lamps. With a high-definition optical lens, full-color night vision can be realized. Whether someone enters the monitoring area during the day or night, the camera turns on the white light to enter the full-color mode, the sound and light are combined, and then an alarm is generated, and then the alarm information is sent to our mobile phone remotely.

And as an intelligent technology product, it is naturally indispensable for its intelligence-humanoid detection function. F2 can combine with AI technology algorithm to effectively filter out some invalid alarms triggered by curtain swings, light changes, shaking, pets, etc., and the recognition rate is very high. 

The voice warning here is the default warning content set by the APP, and the camera in the monitoring area will send out an authentic voice warning reminder! In addition to sounding an alarm, the voice function can also realize intercom function, two-way intercom, with real-time picture. After the personal test, the identification call effect is also very good. It can not only talk with family members but also shout to deter criminals!

This camera can realize the multi-platform connection and viewing in the mobile APP application and can be remotely controlled, with screen recording, intercom, and screenshot functions. A camera can support a wide range of people such as Apple, Android, mobile phones, and tablets. You can also share images in real-time, breaking the dual limitations of time and space, so this practical functionality is very high.


In summary, this Joan F2 smart camera is generally a good product in the security industry. It not only has a strong protective effect in appearance design but also impeccable in use and operation. The diversified and practical functions cater to the needs of our ordinary users. It is a really smart camera with a powerful appearance and intelligent AI technology, so this F2 is very cost-effective. Finally, I hope that this review will help you and take our security to the next level.

What kind of internet connection do I need?

For most CCTV cameras, a 2.4 GHz network connection is necessary for a direct connection to a Wi-Fi home router. Some systems have their own hub, usually with an Ethernet cable plugged into the back of the router. We are beginning to see some manufacturers add Wi-Fi connections on the 5GHz frequency. Although 5GHz Wi-Fi is usually faster than 2.4 GHz, it is not always suitable for security cameras because of its shorter range.

Should I choose a wired camera or a wireless camera?

The wireless solution is ideal for simple installation. They provide additional flexibility, allowing cameras to be placed anywhere around the property that the homeowner needs to protect without worrying about the power source. Wired solutions are great for continuous power supply and may be ideal for difficult places when changing/charging.


CCTV cameras are the most distinctive surveillance products in security. CCTV cameras are also very popular in today’s market and will gradually become a must-have for household life.


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