Disinfectant Mist Gun
Disinfectant Mist Gun

Disinfectant mist gun helps cleaning kitchen and bathroom. In the whole household cleaning, the kitchen is greatly affected by oil fumes due to long-term cooking, frying, and boiling. It is worse than other areas to clean. However, due to limited time, we only focus on two places.

Disinfectant Mist Gun
Disinfectant Mist Gun

Question: During the long-term operation of the cooker hood, it is easy to accumulate dirt and produce greasy dirt that is difficult to clean. How should I clean it?

Cleaning method: When cleaning the range hood, it is impossible to clean with detergent and rag alone. You can try the method of detergent + vinegar mixed with water. You wipe it twice with a rag and finally wipe it with cordless handheld nano steam gun.

Question: During washing, preparing, cooking and cleaning, the kitchen countertops will accumulate more or less oil stains, stained with soy sauce, scale and stains. How should I clean them?

Cleaning method: Different countertops have different cleaning methods. Here is an example of quartz stone countertops. If the countertops are stained with oil stains and stains, we use disinfectant mist gun to spray them. Finally, we wipe them with a scouring pad to restore the brightness.

In the whole space, the bathroom occupies a small area. There are many items stacked and the frequency of use is high. If the separation of dry and wet is not done well, the various parts of the space will be greatly affected by moisture. The following three places are mainly used for cleaning.

Question: During each use, the mirror of the sink is prone to dust and water stains, and it looks blurry. How should I clean it?

Cleaning method: It is relatively simple to clean the mirror surface of the bathroom. You only need to spray mirror water on the glass while wiping it with a fish scale cloth. It is clear and translucent.

Question: Due to the long-term use of the toilet, it is not only easy to be contaminated with dirt. But also easy to mold, which affects people’s mood. How should I clean it?

Cleaning method: In addition to cleaning with detergent, you can choose vinegar + baking soda mixed with water. Let it sit in the toilet for 10-20 minutes. Then we use the toilet brush to repeatedly brush 2-3 times to clean it.

Question: While the floor drain in the shower is responsible for the drainage function, it is easy to accumulate hair and debris. It will produce peculiar smell. How should I clean it?

Cleaning method: During the cleaning process of the shower floor drain, the hair can be cleaned with a small cleaning brush. In terms of deodorization, we use effervescent tablets or baking soda + vinegar to pour it on the floor drain to achieve a certain removal.



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