What Is the SSC CGL Exam?

Combined Graduate Level Examination is an exam conducted by the Staff Selection Commission for various other posts in the ministry, departments, and organizations of India. It conducts the Exams to recruit staff for group B and C positions within the government.

The SSC CGL exam is a highly competitive examination in India. It is one of the toughest examinations in the country. The exam is conducted by Staff Selection Commission (SSC) and it is the gateway to many government jobs in India. It has been observed that there are various reasons for the popularity of this exam. One of them is that it provides a good opportunity for candidates with low education levels to apply for government jobs in India. It also provides a chance for people with higher qualifications to get into government jobs, which they would not get otherwise because they do not satisfy the criteria of some other exams like CAT or GRE. Indian government jobs are stable because the government is one of the biggest employers in India. In fact, most people who are employed by the Indian government have been with it for over ten years. There is a very low unemployment rate in India, and this is partly due to the economy being largely dependent on agriculture. There are many benefits to working for the Indian government and these include job security, stability, and an attractive pay package.

Why Are Mock Tests for SSC CGL Preparation?

Mock tests are simulations of the examination. They are used to prepare students for the real examination by providing them with an idea of what to expect. Mock tests can be written by teachers, or they can be self-written. They should cover all the topics and skills that will be tested in the examination. The mock test should also provide feedback on how well a student did.

Mock tests are a great way to prepare for the SSC CGL exam. They provide a lot of benefits, such as:

– Preparing you for the type of questions asked in the exam

– Helping you identify your weak areas and work on them accordingly

– Improving your speed and accuracy in answering questions

– Helping you find out which topics you need to focus on more

Mock tests are a great way to prepare for the SSC CGL. They will help you to get better at the exam and reduce your anxiety. But how many mock tests should you give? There is no one-size-fits-all answer to this question. It depends on how much time you have, how well you are suited for the exam, and what your goal is. The ideal suggestion is to give at least 2-3 chapter / topic wise mock tests per week and 1 full length mock test per week 4-5 months before the actual exam. This will help you get in tune with your preparation and score well in the actual exam

Best Online Learning & Mock Test Platforms for SSC CGL

  1. Edulete
  2. Sarthaks
  3. Edugorilla
  4. Testbook
  5. Unacademy
  6. Byjus

Here Are Some Important Tips to Keep In Mind While Preparing For The SSC CGL Exam

The SSC CGL exam is a computer-based test that measures the candidate’s ability to apply general knowledge and intellectual skills such as reasoning, verbal ability, quantitative ability etc. The exam consists of 100 questions, each with 4 options out of which one is correct. Candidates should keep in mind that they will have to answer all the questions in 90 minutes. They should also note that there are no negative marks for wrong answers and the answer sheet can be used any number of times.

The best way to prepare for this exam is by practicing on mock tests, solving previous year question papers and by taking online courses from experts in the field.

Aspirants should keep in mind the following while preparing for the exam:

  1. Focus On Key Topics for The Exam: The main point of prioritizing is to ensure that you are focusing on the information that you need to be successful. You should prioritize topics based on how important they are, not just how much content there is about them.
  2. Practice PYQs: It is important to practice previous years questions for an exam because it helps you get a better understanding of the content and format of the exam. It also helps you understand what kind of questions could be asked on the exam so that you can prepare for them.
  3. Focus On Mental & Physical Health: It is not uncommon for students to put off taking care of their mental and physical health until the exam is over. However, this can be a huge mistake. Students should take care of themselves before an exam because it can help them avoid burnout, which can lead to poor performance on the exam itself. In addition, poor mental health before an exam can lead to lower grades and lower self-esteem. Furthermore, if a student has chronic illnesses such as diabetes or asthma, they should make sure they are taking the necessary medications to prevent complications that may arise during an exam.
  4. Give As Many Mock Tests as Possible: Mock tests are a great way to prepare for an exam. They can be used to assess the students’ knowledge and skills and help them identify their weaknesses and strengths. This way, the students can prepare better for the actual exam. Moreover, it helps them understand how long they should spend on each question so that they don’t run out of time during the real exam.



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