Wall-mountable air disinfector
Wall-mountable air disinfector

Commonly used chemical disinfectants for air spray and fumigation are: chlorine-containing disinfectants, peracetic acid, glutaraldehyde, chlorine dioxide and so on. Best wall-mounted UV air sterilizer is also good for indoor disinfection.

The effect of using glutaraldehyde to disinfect the air by spray method or heating method is basically the same, the relative humidity is 80%-90%, the dosage is 250-500mg/m3, and the effect is 30 minutes. The concentration of 1%-2% can be used for spraying, and a slightly higher concentration solution can be used for heating fumigation.

UV Wall Mount Sterilizer
UV Wall Mount Sterilizer

Chlorine dioxide activated disinfectant is also an excellent and harmless environmental disinfectant. The concentration of spray disinfection is 200-500ppm, and the effect is 15-30 minutes. In addition to its disinfection effect, it also has a deodorizing effect.

When using chemical disinfectants to sterilize the air, especially airtight fumigation, people cannot stay indoors. Considering their health, they should stay outdoors for at least 1 hour.

UV germicidal lamp disinfection

Wall-mountable air disinfector is economical and efficient for household air disinfection. It is easy to open after installation and control the time. It does not damage household items. Considering the harm of ozone to the human body, it is generally appropriate to use an ozone-free quartz ultraviolet germicidal lamp. We use a reflector under the lamp to illuminate the ceiling to prevent the human eye from directly seeing the light source.

In general, a 30-watt ultraviolet germicidal lamp can be installed per 9-10 square meters of area. The disinfection time is half an hour each time. We install the ultraviolet germicidal lamp on the wall, about 2.5m from the ground. We can also install the metal reflector under the lamp tube to be inclined upward, as showing best wall-mounted UV air sterilizer above. So the ultraviolet radiation is within a range of about 3-8 degrees from the horizontal plane.



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